Monday, September 30, 2013

How Did We Get In To Blogging?

Mama's Baby Cupcakes started September 5, 2011 with an official launch date of October 1. I had been on another blog with a fellow Facebook friend for a while, and decided that I wanted to branch out on my own and see if I could succeed as a solo blogger. 

Alex first introduced me to giveaways in the Fall of 2010 so I could build a cloth diaper stash, and then eventually she asked if I wanted to work on her blog to help expand that stash more with cloth diaper reviews and other posts as they came. After doing that for a while and getting the hang of it due to her guidance, I opened Mama's Baby Cupcakes in the hopes of expanding my opportunities and reach over all with readers and brands. 

The above image was the first graphic for this blog. Madison is the pink, McKenzie the purple, and gender was at the time unknown for baby #3 which we all now know is Macyn. My goal when I first opened was 2 giveaways a month and regular posts in between since I knew it would be harder to get companies to agree to working with a brand new blog. 

Shortly after opening, I was able to secure prizes to host a baby event to celebrate Macyn's birth. It was so fun for me because it was something I was able to accomplish all on my own and worked with so many great companies that trusted in me and let me review for them, even though I was still new. 

While I had great success from the very beginning and was able to gain so much popularity, it was also a lot to take on. After Macyn was born, I went through times where I didn't want to do much with the blog, and I had times of wanting to quit it all together. 

While I had the ups and downs I think most bloggers go through, I always had Lakeon by my side. We met each other 5yrs ago in the Myspace world, and have grown closer over the years. Chloe is 2 months older than McKenzie, so it was an instant bond I think for us as our children aged and grew. 

Lakeon has always been a part of the blog, making all the buttons you've seen in the post, and all backgrounds and other buttons we've used along the way. In August 2012 I was finally able to convince her to join the blog and become a reviewer. She's shared her 2nd pregnancy with you all and now is dabbling in cloth diaper reviews and baby items. Depending on how long you've followed this blog, you would have also seen a couple chances to win from Lakeon as well with her side business, Lakeon's Creations

While I've wondered if this was right for me, and I've wondered if closing was something I should do, this blog is truly a part of my life. It's how I provide fun things for my kids, help expose companies to people that might not know they're out there, and share our life with you all... the readers. We appreciate everything that you do and while I don't know how long you've been following, I hope you enjoy what you see/read every day and that we have made you all proud, because if it weren't for you then this blog wouldn't be here and it wouldn't have the opportunities to work with the companies we do.