Friday, September 27, 2013

Introduction to Crafty Friday

Welcome to the new weekly posts Crafty Friday where I'll be showing everyone some snazzy little crafts I find online (and even some I've made up myself). Being a work at home mom I sometimes get stressed with the daily grown-up things so I use crafting as my temporary getaway. I'll even include crafts that the little ones can join in on!

I've been crafting since I was just a little girl, finding a use for everything I could get my hands on. My mind was so full of creativity that I felt the need to keep everything. You could have even called me a packrat. My mom would often get annoyed that I never wanted to throw anything away, but in my mind there was a new use for every old thing. I made purses from old clothes, I made new clothes from old clothes, and I even made my own lipgloss with vaseline and koolaid.

Back in those days we didn't have computers or fancy phones with internet to look up crafts, so most of the ideas I had came straight from my imagination. These days with pinterest, youtube and all of the other sites with craft tutorials, my mind is going crazy with the need to try it all! Since I do most of the crafts I find online and enjoy spending time with my daughter when we make new things, I thought I could share a few of my favorite crafts with our readers. I hope that you will join us and make a few. Maybe you could even share pictures of your finished product with us!