Monday, September 16, 2013

Milestone: Third Trimester

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I just hit my Third Trimester in this pregnancy, and I'm having mixed emotions. This is our last pregnancy which means I'll never again experience the joy of carrying a child, but at the same time my body is taking this pregnancy the hardest and it makes it tougher to enjoy it.

As my belly grows, I can't help but wonder what Mya will be like. How will she look? Will the girls love her just as much as we (the parents) will? Will she be bald like her first two sisters, or tons of hair like Macyn?

As a mother of three transitioning to four, I'm a bit nervous. I was nervous to have a third, but four seems like much more of a challenge. Madison will be in school all day and while I'll have a little help from McKenzie, she zones out and would rather be by herself. Macyn doesn't like if I hold other children, so I'm really afraid of how she'll do. I breastfeed all my children, but with Macyn being so dependent on me, I'm hoping that I can really train my body to react well to pumping so I can have milk on stand by for daddy and sisters as Mya ages. 

Madison and McKenzie are only 19 months apart, but it was pretty easy taking care of both girls. My milk never came in so I couldn't breastfeed McKenzie after a week old. That did help a lot, but I'm determined to make it work with four children. 

This third trimester also brings excitement because I've just recently been able to feel Mya move around and kick A LOT more than any previous part of my pregnancy. This makes me think the anterior placenta possibly moved, and I can now feel her a lot more since it's not in the way. Since she's also bigger, that also helps when she's stretching and bouncing around enjoying her time in utero. 

I've brought up a home birth with my husband but he's not a fan, so I'm hoping Mya's labor goes as smoothly as Macyn's did. Being able to labor at home all day really helped, and I wasn't around nurses wanting to check me and constantly bug me. Instead of being annoyed, I got to enjoy the day with my girls before I became a mother again, so in a perfect world it'll be like that again and I'll be able to go about my day while my body works its magic! 

Even though my mind wonders off and I think about babysitters for our kids and all the other things pregnant women think about, I can't wait to be able to see her, hold her, smell that newborn smell one last time, and see how our lives changes with a new miracle in our lives.