Tuesday, September 17, 2013

New Halo Sleep Sacks for Pottery Barn Review

Thanks to Halo for the SleepSack to help with this review

Our founder Bill Schmid and his wife lost their first born to SIDS. From this tragedy, HALO and its mission were born. For over 15 years we've been educating parents about safe sleep practices and a portion of every sale goes to First Candle/SIDS Alliance and The Canadian Foundation for the Study of Infant Deaths.  Since 2005, the American Academy of Pediatrics has suggested the use of wearable blankets.  Today, HALO SleepSack wearable blankets are the #1 trusted choice of hospitals, and are used nationwide to help babies sleep safely from the start.

September is Baby Safety Month; HALO will donate $1 to Safe Sleep Organizations for every new Facebook “like”

We never used any kind of swaddle or sack with our oldest, mainly because I just didn't know they were out there. With the birth of our second child came our first encounter of a swaddle sleep sack. We received one in the hospital (I believe Halo) and we didn't use it too much because I didn't understand the point of one. Once our third child arrived, so did more knowledge and interest in sleep sacks and the need to have some in our home!

Halo is currently in over 1,000 hospitals nationwide because of their Halo Safer Way To Sleep Initiative, which provides hospitals with SleepSack Swaddles to give one to the parents for their newborns. Because of this great idea, hospitals can educate parents of the risks of blankets and why swaddling can be so beneficial to a child. They also have a video on their website for safe sleep tipsHalo Innovations also offers free Safe Sleep Practices kits to childbirth educators to help further the cause of SIDS prevention.

We are lucky enough that our local hospital is one that provides swaddles at birth for your child. We're able to use them in the hospital, and extra fortunate to bring home with us as well when we left after the normal two days of hospital care. I'm excited for the birth of our fourth daughter in December because this means we'll get another swaddle! 
*please note, not all hospitals allow swaddles to go home*

With the arrival of our fourth child in December, one of the things I thought about was that I get to add to our collection of swaddles and sleep sacks. I feel like they're one of the best baby items out there, and they're a must for all parents! I reviewed with Halo when Macyn was 5 months old, and we used that sack as much as we possibly could. It was perfect for her cool room in the Summer, and it also ensuried she stayed warm once Fall came around and the weather was up and down. While our youngest isn't here quite yet, I want to take the time to tell you all about the new designs from Halo and their collection at Pottery Barn. 

  • Small fits newborns 0–6 months, 10–18 pounds, 23–26".
  • Medium fits babies 6–12 months, 16–24 pounds, 26–30".
  • Pure organic cotton interlock.
  • Inverted zipper for easy diaper changes.
  • Personalization is available for $7.00.

Halo has teamed up with Pottery Barn to release three new versions of their Sleep Sack for Pottery Barn as well as some new Swaddles. The sleep sack is great for year round use because the sleeveless design helps for baby not to over heat, and its light weight organic cotton material is breathable and comfortable for baby. 

Another great feature is that the zipper starts at the feet. This feature makes is a lot easier to change a sleepy baby's diaper because you don't have to fully undress them, and then you also don't have to worry about the zipper flipping up and poking them in the chin/neck area. 

I also wanted to show you the new Medallion Halo Sleep Sack Swaddles for Pottery Barn. These are great for newborns that love to be wrapped tight and still feel close like they're in the womb. 

You can purchase the Sleep Sacks and Swaddles on the Pottery Barn website for $39.50. You can also connect with Halo via Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest


RaisingaPrincess said...

I love those prints! We are big fans of halo sleep sacks! Our hospital
I guess partners with them and they send each baby home with one, and thank goodness! They are wonderful!

RaisingaPrincess said...

These also are different fabric than the ones the hospital have. We have fleece ones, I would love to get these organic cotton for future babies!

Mary @ A Mama Collective said...

We love sleep sacks in our home too. And what a great combination to add a useful sleepsack with the cute designs of potery barn!

Melisa Anderson said...

These have certainly changed over the years! I love that Halo is providing hospitals with the sleep sacks. I also love the super-cute Pottery Barn Designs. Great review.

Melisa Anderson said...
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Olivia @ This West Coast Mommy said...

We used sleepsacks with both our girls. I know I feel much more secure with my babies in these instead of blankets.

Kristyn said...

these are to cute, i love the prints! i need to get some fro my newborn :)