Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Pregnancy: Let's Talk Cravings!

We all know every pregnant woman has cravings! 
It's just a "normal" part of pregnancy that we all accept. 
Some may say that your cravings can be an insight in to the gender of baby.

Below I chose to talk about some of my cravings, past and present, and how baby #4 is a lot different than our 3 little girls. 

I hope you enjoy this post, maybe have a giggle, and then share your thoughts below!

I always have a lot of cravings when pregnant. The picture above shows baby #4 cravings and most of them are a one time thing or every now and then. 

During my first trimester I really loved having French Vanilla Cappuccinos. I don't know what it was, but we have a gas station a mile from our house and I'd frequently ask my hubby to stop on the way home for me. I craved a lot of "manly" type foods for a good party of this pregnancy. Steak was a huge thing for me and its all I thought about. You can also see I have chili in there with loooots of cheese and crackers. The chili was a one time thing, but I begged my husband to make it and it was amazing!

Steak has been my one constant craving. The picture above was from Applebee's on Mother's Day weekend and their potatoes were a must as well. My husband actually told me as we sat at our kitchen table that I was moaning while eating and asked me to stop because "its weird" LOL. 

Baked potatoes were a huge thing for a couple weeks and then I ran out of ranch for a few days and it kind of died off. I'll still eat them but not like I did previously. 

With all of my pregnancies, I crave fast food. 2 of the photos above are from my pregnancy with Macyn and with each of the girls McDonald's was a huge weakness of mine. 

This pregnancy, while I do eat fast food from time to time, its nothing like the previous pregnancies. I find myself eating steak at least every two weeks, craving watermelon, candy like Peach Rings, and other sweet things like cake. 

While its been proven that baby #4 is also a girl, this pregnancy has been a lot different for me in more ways than just cravings. If you go by guesses, people would've thought I'd be having a boy because of my "manly" odd cravings, but I guess this baby just has other things in mind!

Let's talk husbands and cravings! 

With each pregnancy my husband gains weight because he eats what I eat and when I have a craving (fast food) he'll eat it as well. With my first pregnancy this was very true for us. We ate Burger King every Sunday for lunch on our days off and we both gained weight. 

With each pregnancy, I've noticed my husband does get better about what he eats, but this pregnancy has proven to be different for him as well. He is obsessed with pickles! He has ate over two gallons worth of pickles. I occasionally eat one as well, but mainly its just him and his pickles LOL.


RaisingaPrincess said...

With Em it was ice cream.

With Ryann anything that had even a little bit of sugar. I had to have sugar! lol