Thursday, September 26, 2013

Pregnancy: Weight Gain

When I got pregnant with my first child I was in the 190's for my weight. I'd always been "chubby" and even at 18, I loved my size and was comfortable in my skin. 

After I gained the 24lbs, I thought it would fall right back off and I'd be back to my normal weight in no time... I was wrong! I lost a lot of the weight right after birth, but with staying home and sleeping when Madison slept, I quickly gained it back and my new "normal" weight became around 215-220lbs. 

Getting pregnant with baby #2 a short, 11 months later meant my body would be hit again with the weight of pregnancy. While I was nervous to gain weight before getting any baby weight off from #1, I only gained 12lbs and quickly went back to my "normal" 220lb weight my body became used to. 

Each time I have another child, I'm always worried about gaining weight. While I've never tried to get in shape in-between children, my body naturally adjusts back to the normal weight its used to since having children. I've never been one to work out or try to eat healthy (terrible) but after I have baby #4, I would really love to change some habits to better my health and appearance. 

I would consider myself lucky that I'm not one to gain a lot of weight. Based off the little chart above, I've always fallen in the healthy range of gaining for pregnancy, but this time around my body is really feeling the differences as I gain and grow the bundle of joy I'm carrying. 

I ballooned up right in the beginning of my pregnancy. People started to joke we were having twins and I was always hungry and immediately had cravings. When I finally had my first Dr appt (10 weeks) I was shocked to see 225lbs on the scale. While we don't own a scale, I knew some of that weight was the immediate increased eating and constant hunger I felt during my 1st trimester. 

I got pretty big with Macyn in the beginning, but the "bloat" went away, and as you can with this baby from the photo above, I quickly started showing and there was no down sizing. I felt like with each appt I was gaining so much weight, but the pregnancy journals I post have helped me realize a couple pounds a month isn't something to be worried about because it means she's growing.

Now that I'm in my my 3rd trimester, I can feel my body balance out and adjust better to pregnancy this one last time. I do have a hard time being on my feet with this pregnancy, most of that I'm sure if because my weight, and it makes me sad that I feel like I can't fully enjoy this pregnancy. 

With each baby I have Sciatic Nerve issues. Each pregnancy means that they also start sooner and sooner and this pregnancy has been the worst on top of the weight gain. I love being pregnant, but after 4 children and soon to be 25yrs old, I can tell that my body is telling me I've put it through enough. While I'll always miss pregnancy, I'm excited for the next chapter in our lives with a family of 4 beautiful little girls and a (more) in shape mama! 

I'm really looking forward to the new year and using Lakeon's Get Fit Friday posts to help me along my journey to regain my body and became better for my children. 


Christina Ventura-Dipersia said...

Hey there -
I am sorry to hear you have had sciatica. Ugh how crappy - I had that too with my daughter. I give you credit with having 4 babies.... and please don't fret so much about the BMI stuff and healthy weight gain. It's not so cut and dry and I work in public health!!