Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Spark Of Amber Teething Necklace Review

Thank you Spark of Amber for the necklace to help with this review

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The Sunrise--This stunning necklace represents the peacefulness of a sunrise.
It is calming, refreshing, welcoming!

 Poor Brantley has been struggling with teething for a couple of weeks. While orajel was an okay remedy, It didn't last long and I wasn't comfortable using it after reading the ingredients. I was looking for something more on the natural side when I was suggested the Amber teething necklace.

I'll start by saying I was very skeptical of the Amber teething necklaces, yet everyone I knew had one and swore by it. But does it really work? and if it does, how does it work? This is how the Spark of Amber website explains what really makes these teething necklaces work...

"Baltic Amber is a fossilized resin. Europeans greatly prize this beautiful stone for its claimed 100% natural anti-inflammatory, pain relieving, and calming properties. The healing oils of the Baltic Amber are said to relieve teething pain, tame baby’s irritability and relieve inflammation in the throat, ear, and stomach."

"The calming properties of Baltic Amber may go a long way towards a calmer, happier child. The toddler years are full of turmoil, with lots of growth and change, so the natural analgesic of Baltic Amber is a wonderful gift!"

..sounds interesting, so I put it to the test!

 First and for-most, I'd like to say this Sunrise necklace is gorgeous. It's simple and has a very natural and earthy appearance to it. Your child can enjoy this worn against the skin to get the most benefit from the natural Baltic Amber, or as an accessory to his or her favorite outfit. Amber is very light and comfortable to wear! This necklace is hand-crafted of authentic Baltic Amber “nuggets”. These amber nuggets come straight from Lithuania. Each individual bead/stone is unique and special, so the sizes and shapes of each bead may be different. Every necklace is its own unique work of art. It measures approximately 13” long.

Secondly, have you ever tried to put a necklace on a super wiggly baby? It's hard. Kind of like trying to nail jello to a tree. So I was impressed at the closure on the back of the Amber teething necklace! (pictured above) It only takes a couple of seconds to twist it on and we're on our way!

Since wearing the necklace, Brantley has seemed to do exceptionally well! He doesn't cry nearly as much and seems like an overall happier baby. We all know how bad it hurts for teeth to come in, so finally finding some relief for him made this Amber teething necklace worth it!

"NOTE: Baltic Amber jewelry is not designed for chewing or sucking. The oils are released through contact with the skin. Parents should always supervise their child when wearing any jewelry, including Baltic Amber jewelry, as there is always the chance of the jewelry breaking and baby/toddler putting a bead in their mouth. Baltic Amber jewelry should not be worn to bed. Spark of Amber is not liable for any direct or indirect damages or accidents that arise from use of our products, which the purchaser acknowledges by buying our product. As per US legislation, recommended for ages 3 and older, due to small pieces on necklace."

With that being said, I let Brantley wear his necklace while napping in my lap as I kept a very close eye on him. He normally would fuss and whine at random moments during his nap from his poor gums hurting. With the Amber necklace, he had such a peaceful and calming nap, finally!
If you would like to purchase an Amber Teething necklace, you can visit their website. They even have jewelry for adults as well as children.
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