Thursday, September 5, 2013

Switcha-Pocket Review

Thank you Switcha-Pocket for the skirt & 2 pockets to help with this review

We created Switcha Pocket based on two things that are very important to girls: self-expression and connection. Switcha Pocket gives girls creative control to customize their jeans and skirts, expressing themselves through the fashion pocket designs they choose to wear. Girls get to create connections by collecting and trading Switcha Pockets with their best friends.

Switcha Pocket also satisfies mom’s desire to allow her daughter to gain independence under a watchful eye. Her daughter can choose different designs from the “mom-approved” collection of pockets to change the look of her jeans and skirts in a flash.

I was so excited to receive the Switcha-Pocket Denim Skirt with shorts. Madison is such a girly girl, but doesn't yet understand the importance of sitting like a little lady. Since this skirt comes with built in shorts, I was glad to find something she could still wear at school, play on the playground, and still be modest and cute. This skirt comes in two styles, Distressed Medium Wash and Distressed Dark Wash, with one plain pocket and one surfboard pocket. 

Along with the skirt, we were also sent two other great pockets, Butterflies and Love Dream Friends. There's about a dozen pockets to choose from, and a couple pocket packs that match each other when placed side by side. 

After Madison got home from school one day, I eagerly showed her the new skirt and we quickly put it on to test it out! She was so excited, especially once I told her how she could change the pockets any time she wanted to.

Madison will be 6yrs old in October and is right around 42lbs. Because of her petite waist, I decided a size 5 would be best for her and I'm so glad I decided to get a 5 vs 6. Another great thing about these skirts is that they have an adjustable waist inside. This is a must for a lot of denim clothing with our girls, and we also use it in the skirt. I'm confident in the over all fit, and depending on how much she grows, I think she could even wear this skirt come Spring time since we're several buttons in on each side of the waist. 

This skirt hits Madison right at the knees, which at first was different for her since she's used to ones just above the knee, but I like the length a lot. It creates modesty for the child and room to grow as well. With the small slit in the back of the skirt, she can easily still play at school and sit on the floor with that over tight feeling or not being able to move around because of restrictions.

This skirt retails on their website for $39.99 and comes in Medium or Dark Wash. Many sizes to fit a big of children, with the current stock on this skirt showing sizes 4-8. They also offer a handy fitting chart to ensure you get a correct size for your child. You can also get these shirts without the built in shorts if you'd rather for your older daughters, and they retail for the same price at $39.99. They also offer jeans to choose from which retail for again, $39.99 and have the same features as the skirts with being able to change out pockets and adjustable waist. They also have a choice of regular or bootcut styles. 

The pockets retail for $9.99 per pocket, with the matching duo pockets retailing for $19.99. They preferably need to be removed before washing, but will stick to the velcro time and time again. Depending on the size skirt or jeans you get, you have to order the pockets in a certain size as well to ensure they fit the item correctly. 

I think Switcha-Pocket is a great idea and a fun way for little girls to express themselves through their clothing. I also think their prices are very high. My biggest issue is that the skirts are the same price, (shorts or no shorts underneath) and then the pants are the same price as the skirts, when there's obviously a lot more denim needed to make pants. 

You can connect with Switcha-Pocket on their website or Facebook.


Amanda said...

I am loving these especially the skirt! It would be perfect for dd to wear on Fridays when they are allowed to wear jeans or jean skirts! I love the Skull Girl Pocket! It's so dd!

Julia Cosgrove said...

The argyle pocket is my favorite.

sunnymum said...

I know my daughter would enjoy this concept and the cute pockets like the Kitties Pair. I do wish there was a longer version of the skirt though.

Michelle Elizondo said...

Heart of Hearts Pocket

Dorothy Teel said...

These are cute would need a size 3 for my granddaughters jeans - Skull Girl Pocket

Aline Grigorian said...

Love the kitties pocket pair.

Rebecca Parsons said...

These are really neat and I love how cute and girly. My niece would love the butterfly ones.

Natalie Parvis-Nichols said...

So cute! I love the Geo Pocket!

desiree reilly said...

i like the idea of this the kid can share the poket and then they can put them on thing and p;ace they can use all the time

S C said...

How cute! I love the SWEET DREAMS POCKET PAIR.
Sherry Compton

Tara Carlson said...

I love the Butterflies Pocket - adorable!