Friday, September 13, 2013

Thinking of Moving?

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Recently my husband and I have talked about possibly moving to a new state. There's some big pro's and con's at the thought of packing up our home, putting it on the market to sell, and moving to a whole new place a couple states away. My husband's work opportunities are limited here, and with a 4th child coming along in December, we had to think about moving and if it was a good decision for our family.

One of the first things I thought about was moving everything we own and what to do with it all. We've lived in Indiana all our lives, and its all we know. My husband is more out going and adventurous than I am, so the thought of moving YET AGAIN, was not a fun thing to think about.

Our whole goal in building our home was to have one stable place for our children to live as they grow up, so moving away from what we'd worked so hard for was such a painful thought.

While we decided NOT to move to Tennessee and makes things work here, there's so much you need to do to ensure everything gets where it needs to be, nothing's left behind, and yet everyone still has their essential items during the long haul.

I'll admit that we did look up some homes online just to see what we'd be looking at price wise and if it was something we should do. I think if we had decided to move, it would've been in our best interest to work with a true moving company. Since I am pregnant, this was something my husband wanted to do before having the baby, so there's no way I could pack our whole home in a timely manner, as well as doing it safely.

After the option of a professional company packing up our home, then comes necessary items for each member of the family, what each of us would need to make the trip, and how to keep our valuables safe and secure without piling our van over full of stuff that just cramps us in. First thought that comes to mind is Space Saver Bags to help with storage issues.

The only way to have a successful long haul move (in my opinion) is to take pictures of everything after its been loaded, keep a list of where things are so they can easily be available at your new location, an ensure that priceless items are secured and in a safe place.

I love our home and I can't imagine moving our family just for a chance at a more comfortable life. Has anyone else moved a long distance? What was your experience?


RaisingaPrincess said...

We moved a few months after we got married. We moved across the country! We weren't keen on the idea of hauling everything ourselves, but we didn't have much money so we used a company that lets you pack your things into a semi and they move it for you. It worked well...but now that we've accumlated a lot of stuff we'd probably look into professional movers for next time :) Thanks for the post! Lots of great info to look into.