Thursday, October 24, 2013

Adore Nail Polish Review

 Thank you Adore Nail Polish  for the polishes to help with this review
Most people have attended weddings, been in a wedding or have had a wedding of their own. I have done all three and through these experiences I know what makes the whole planning of the wedding so special. It is the details that make it so unique and personalized. I remember searching for that special piece that made everything come together, something no one else had, something that was mine, something that I could keep and remember. That's when I decided to put together a nail polish wedding collection. 
My polish is for everyone and anyone who is involved in any aspect of the wedding. Whether it be the guests who are invited to the shower, or all your girlfriends coming to your bachelorette party, or a little extra gift to all your bridesmaids and yourself, this product is for every one of these groups. It's exclusive yet involves everyone in the process.

Adore are the makers of nail polishes for that special wedding day. The design on the bottle is something you just want to set on your dresser as a reminder of the special events that are to come. The classic graphic on the front represents the elegance and detail put into your wedding. Each polish has a cute wedding day type name to go along with it which I found adorable. (See what I did there? wink wink) Adore was kind enough to let me review 2 nail polishes of my choice which were Blushing Bride and In Love With My Honey.

Blushing Bride is a matte light purple and has very little shine to it. It's close to lilac in color and very beautiful. Normally It takes up to 3 coats of nail polish to get good coverage over my nail, but SURPRISINGLY I only brushed on ONE coat of Blushing Bride for this picture. Normally I only wear pink nail polish but I'm certain this is my new favorite color. I have never seen another color of polish like this.

In love with my Honey is a glimmering satin peach. Unlike Blushing Bride, this polish has high shine. It's a very girly color and I love how shiny it is. It has a very wedding-day-like feel to it. I painted on 2 coats for this picture and it gives off a nice textured look. In Love With My Honey took longer to dry than Blushing Bride but that was expected with this color being high shine.

I was very impressed with the wear time on both of these polishes. Usually with other brands, by day 5, I have a chipping mess all over my nails but these held up well. (even up until day 8 when I decided to take it off.) Since I have a painting business and I hand wash dishes, my hands stay busy and nail polish I wear can take a real beating so I was happy about this polish being able to hold up with my busy hands. I was most impressed that these give such amazing coverage without being thick and gooey.

Taking off the polish with regular nail polish remover was a breeze. A couple of swipes over the nail and it was all clean again. I look forward to the not having to scrub my fingertips off to remove Adore's nail polish.

Adore nail polishes sell for $8.00 each on their website. I will most definitely return to their store to purchase more polish for myself and as gifts. These would be a nice touch to any bridesmaid gift, too! It is the details that make it so unique and personalized.