Friday, October 25, 2013

Crafty Friday: Week 4 (Easy Monster Door)

I love decorating for Halloween. In the past we always hang orange and purple lights, some cling on stickers for the window, and maybe a sign or two in the yard, but now with a permanent home for our family the need to decorate better has loomed over me. 

  • Paper Plates for eyes
  • Black Paper for Pupils (I used blue marker and lid to make an even circle)
  • Masking Tape
  • Streamers

Since our door is painted, we've had issues with items not coming off in the past, so when I saw this decor on Pinterest, I knew it was a must for us! We recently got a screen door added as well so this way I knew the decorations wouldn't possibly blow away or be damaged in the rain because I was afraid to use anything more than scotch tape for the streamers and plates. 

Indoor Picture, Outdoor Picture, Picture with Screen Door in Front
My only issue is needing to watch the streamers if you shut the front door. The wind shoves them inside, but since we leave the door open all day, this isn't really an issue. 

Other examples via Pinterest