Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Fall Maternity with Everly Grey (Review)

Thank you Everly Grey for the two items below to help with this review
Everly Grey was created in 2009 out of a deep love and appreciation for fashion – in particular, the maternity genre.  Sensing a void in the market of sophisticated prints and a contemporary aesthetic featuring an equally attractive price point for busy moms-to-be, Everly Grey has become the hot, up & coming maternity label that includes a wide array of easy-to-wear fabrics and styles of tops, dresses, skirts and pants. The look of Everly Grey is based on weaving feminine and modern prints with a tranquil ease in styling that makes the brand relatable to all women.  With a growing set of collections, Everly Grey’s designs empower pregnant women with style and glamour. 

I've had issues this pregnancy with feeling like my clothing fit appropriately. Since this is our last child, I told my husband I didn't want to spend a bunch of money on new maternity clothes to wear for a short amount of time, but I indeed had to break down and buy some clothing. 

Our weather here in Indiana has been so up and down and the month of October is no exception! In the mornings its cold and then mid day its hot once the sun starts beating down, so this has made my wardrobe harder to work around. 

Recently I purchased a pair of maternity jeans for $35 and afterward felt human again. I had been walking around in yoga pants, and while comfortable, shouldn't be normal attire for every day wear. Once I got the pants, I was determined to find shirts at a great price that could also be worn after the baby arrives and still look like a normal shirt and not scream "maternity wear" like some items can. Luckily Everly Grey is a company that offers great items for during pregnancy and after, so I was able to review two great tops that will transition to normal clothing after December.

The first item I want to showcase is the Sherman Wrap which I received in Plum. I've never had a wrap sweater before, but with being pregnant and the hormonal ups and downs of heat and hot flashes, I thought this would be a great option for Fall. I was so surprised at how light weight and soft this wrap is! It's a big tight on my upper arms, but I love the length and feel of it over all. These wraps come in three colors and are One Size Fits All. Plum Stripe & Charcoal Stripe are made of Polyester/Rayon blend, while Cozy Stripe is a  Polyester/Lurex/Spandex blend. Since there's no closure like a button, it flows freely and loosely over a growing bump or even right after baby. Retail Value for the Sherman Wrap is $60.

The next item I received is the stunning Wickham Top. This piece comes in two colors, Charcoal and Magenta, but I chose to receive the Charcoal color. This shirt is so amazingly comfortable, I feel like I'm not even wearing it. It's 3/4 sleeves (even though I can pull mine all the way down) and draped neckline add a touch of style and elegance, but its also breathable and flows well as you move around and go about your day. This shirt is made of Polyester/Spandex and clings in all the right places. It shows off my bump great and yet isn't too tight to where its restricting. Retail value for the Wickham Top is $50. 
Draped Neckline

One huge plus with both items I reviewed is that they're machine washable! I don't have the time to hand wash items, so throwing this in the wash with other clothes is a great feature. I find myself never wearing items I have to hand wash so being able to not worry about this small detail is a big thing for a busy mother on the go of soon to be four children ages 6yrs and under!

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