Sunday, October 20, 2013

Madison's "Tangled" Themed Birthday Party With Some Help From Birthday In A Box

Thank you Birthday In A Box for the Pinata to help with this post

Madison is your typical 6yr old little girl. She loves dress up, her hair being done, nails painted, and of course Disney Princesses. Rapunzel first came in to our lives in January 2012 when my mother in law took the girls to Disney on Ice. Fast forward to September 2012 when her BFF had a Tangled themed party, and from that moment on she knew her 6th party just HAD to be Rapunzel. 

After looking around for the "right" kind of Tangled character (that best resembles the look from the movie) I ultimately purchased a la carte from and got the basic items needed to throw a party. We always end up with too much stuff left over so I get the basics of table cloth, plates, napkins, and cups for the kiddos!

We've never had a pinata before so this was a first for all of us! Madison's birthday falls during Fall Break here in Indiana, so we didn't have the turn out for other kids like I'd hoped, but that didn't mean our girls couldn't still have fun right?

I really liked this Tangled themed Pinata Kit from Birthday In a Box. My favorite part of the Pinata is that you can do the pull strings for a cleaner look/mess or have the option to hit it and use the enclosed blind fold. Since it came with 3lbs of candy, this also meant I didn't need to go out and buy candy or worry about making sure what I did purchase would fit inside the Pinata with issues. My only issue is that the pinata was super hard so it couldn't be broke by a bat. Luckily it did have a string option so the kids could still have fun and wait in anticipation to see who got to pull that lucky string. In our case, the birthday girl happened to find the special string and was over joyed when the bottom popped open. 

The Pinata retails for $32 plus shipping and then I got a great deal on the other supplies and spent $20 after a coupon and shipping.

I'm really happy with how Madison's party turned out and I'm so glad she got her Tangled themed party like she really wanted.


Terra H. said...

Looks like she had a nicely themed birthday.