Tuesday, October 8, 2013

PBS Kids: DINOSAUR TRAIN “We Are A Dinosaur Family" Review

Thank you PBS for the DVD to help with this review

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Our middle daughter is 4yrs old and a huge fan of Dinosaur Train. Her 3rd birthday was even Dinosaur Train and her Halloween costume this year is Buddy! We have train sets, coloring books, and stickers of this great PBS show and after discovering Dinosaur Train, our girls started watching PBS more and discovered other great learning shows they love. 

This DVD is set to release today October 8, 2013 and features the segments titled "Meet the Grandparents", "Camp Out", "The Burrowers", "Flowers For Mom", "Dad's Day Out", "To Grandparents' Nest We Go", "Tank Sleepover", and "Date Night". 


Meet the Grandparents: The Pteranodon kids have special visitors when their Grandma and Grandpa come for a visit! The kids realize they share similar traits with their grandparents and love showing them around the nest area and playing games. 

Camp Out: The Pteranodon family goes to the Big Pond for their first overnight camp-out and meets a small frog with a big voice! 

The Burrowers: The Pteranodon family rides the Dinosaur Train to meet a family of burrowing dinosaurs that live in holes and put on an acrobatic shows! 

Flowers for Mom: The kids go to the Big Pond to look for flowers for Mother's Day.

Dad's Day Out: Buddy, Tiny, and Mr. Pteranodon join Annie Tyrannosaurus and Leroy Lambeosaurus and their dads for a Dads' Day at the Big Pond. 

To Grandparents Nest We Go: Buddy, Tiny, Shiny, and Don have fun spending a special day with their Grandma and Grandpa at their cliffside nest. The kids get to see things from their Dad's childhood, play games, and fish with their Grandparents. 

Tank Sleepover: When Tank spends the night at Pteranodon Terrace the last thing he wants to do is sleep. As the night wears on the other kids nod off leaving Buddy to try to stay awake with Tank.

Date Night: When Mrs. Pteranodon announces that she and Mr. Pteranodon are going on a special anniversary date, the Pteranodon kids will have their first babysitter ever. In the end*Mom and Dad rush back to the nest to find all the kids and Keira having a great time!

Since Madison is at school all day, this is a great time for McKenzie to relax and enjoy some great quality learning cartoons. Every Mon-Fri McKenzie watches Dinosaur Train, which happens to fall during Macyn's afternoon nap. She's seen these episodes in the DVD recently and they're so cute. I really like that while kids' are learning, they also talk about real things like Mother's Day, and spending the night in a strange place for the first time. 

Dinosaur Train is a great show about confidence and how to handle life situations and I highly recommend this DVD for the children in your life! 

The DVD is approximately 100 minutes long and retails for a great price of $9.99