Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Understanding SEO with a Blog

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SEO is quite confusing to me at times. While it took a while to understand dofollow vs nofollow, I'm glad to have a great group of bloggers to help me as I grow and learn.

While I'm no expert about SEO yet, I figured I'd talk about what I do know and hopefully I can help others reading to understand as well if they're unsure.

Once you start understanding SEO, it slowly starts to come easier and quicker to get posts up and figure out the best way to write for yourself and the world wide web.

While SEO isn't a huge issue to me, I do try to write my best and write what I feel vibes well with my readers and things they can relate to. I'm not out to make huge money with my blog, or ad a ton of ads floating around my site, so while I should pay more attention to SEO I don't (yet)

Knowing how search engines look at your site is a great way to understand more and learn the tricks of getting as much exposure as possible.

All I truly know at this point if is you get an item to review or compensation for your time (money, gift card, SOMETHING) then links should be nofollow. If you're writing about an item you love, or a personal post and wanting to link up to references then add that dofollow in there and let the company have that bump in exposure. While there are some companies I work with all the time and would love to always give them dofollow links, I know that Google would frown upon that and my work as a blogger is very important to me so I try to follow every rule I know of as best as possible.

Any tips for SEO would be great, so why not comment with some advice for myself and fellow bloggers?