Monday, November 25, 2013

Bob and Larry’s ABC’s iPad App Review & Giveaway 11/29

I received a promotional code from Storypanda to help with this review.

It's important to know our ABCs - luckily we have Bob and Larry to help us learn everything from A to Z! Our favorite VeggieTales characters guide us through the alphabet while Larry the Cucumber narrates the whole adventure. Featuring animations, sounds and 3-D effects the app is a fully interactive and educational experience. 

We recently purchased an iPad, and have had fun finding educational games for our girls to play and learn with. Technology has come such a long way since I was a kid, so having true educational apps is a must for a us with our children and the iPad. When I got the pitch to review the brand new VeggieTales app, I knew it would be a a hit for our kids. 

As soon as I downloaded the app, I started playing on it. Our kids were in bed for the night so my husband and I went through the book and looked around at its features and to learn more about what all it has to offer from a children's point of view.  

After turning on the book, my first choice was the "Read to Me" option since neither one of my girls, ages 4 and 6, can read yet. I liked this fun option because they can follow along with narration and its in character with Larry and Bob's voices. I like how they used real things for each letter that children can understand and identify with. A boat, carrots, or candy is on a child's level and its an easy way to learn and makes it more fun for everyday activities around the home when learning letters.

While there is animation for this book, its not interactive unless you're on the option to read it yourself. If on the "Read it Myself" option, you can click on the characters and items on each page to make them jump, sound of waves, beeping cars, and more. After testing both options, I wish the "Read to Myself" section had the option to click each word in case a child gets stuck on pronunciation. We have another app that does both options and also the ability to click on each word and its come in handy as our girls try to follow along or our 6yr old tries her Kindergarten skills with reading to herself. 

One other fun option with this app is the chance to make your OWN book. When I saw this feature, I couldn't wait to show it to my girls. Since you can make multiple books, this is great for their own personalities, as well as doing some as a family. You have the ability to save the books and go back to them at a later date so they can read their own time and time again. This is yet another way for your child to learn words that start with specific letters, and really use their imagination as they make new books and need to come up with new words. 

I've always been a fan of VeggieTales, the messages they offer, and variety of ways you can learn and grow with them as your children age. This app is fun, bright, well made, and just plain CUTE. This app was just released on November 9, and is rated for ages 4+. Retail value is $3.99 and is well worth the price! You won't be disappointed with the purchase, and your kids will love it as well!

Bob and Larry’s ABC’s is the first in the Veggiecational series to be published digitally by Storypanda. Collect all 5 Veggiecational books to learn Numbers, Shapes, Colors & Time.
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