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Holiday Gift Guide: Otterbox for iPad & iPhone Review

Thank you Otterbox for the iPad & iPhone case to help with this review

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We design and manufacture protective cases for smartphones, tablets and mobile technology. Outdoorsy, professional, clumsy and busy — just like you — we don’t leave home without protection and hope you don’t either. OtterBox protection can withstand the worst situation you never imagined getting into.

After having iPhone's for years, getting an iPad made sense to us, especially after seeing my mother-in-law's and how kid friendly they can be. While my mother-in-law has a cover, we didn't want to buy one directly from AT&T, and have since noticed how much a case is needed with small children playing games and poking at the screen. 

How beautiful is this grey/pink case you see above?! When I was looking on the Otterbox website and saw it, I knew it was meant to be and I anxiously awaited for it to arrive!

Since the iPad was a birthday present for me, I told my husband he had no say so in the case color (hehe!) Once it arrived in the mail I couldn't wait to get it on the iPad. Our iPad is the white front and grey back so I already knew the grey would look good, but after cleaning the screen and making sure all was ready to go, I was thrilled to see how the pink looked since grey/pink combinations happen to be a favorite of mine as well.

The Defender Series iPad case employs multi-layer technology built with high-quality materials to create a rock-solid protective solution. The inner shell of the iPad case is composed of high-impact polycarbonate and includes a foam interior that delivers added shock absorption and protects the back of your iPad from scratches. The rugged silicone outer-layer absorbs impact from bumps and shocks while the textured exterior provides enhanced grip. The built-in screen protector prevents scratches, smudges and fingerprints from getting on your screen. The integrated shield stand acts as a protective cover on the front or the back and doubles as a kickstand for typing or viewing

Not only was I happy to have a case, but one that also comes with a stand for easier use is a huge bonus. While I prefer to still blog on the lap top, I do answer emails and quick Facebook questions with the iPad and I'm always holding it with one hand or laying in my lap. After a couple minutes that would get pretty old, so now the option to be able to use the cover as a kickstand has been great for me.

The kickstand is really nice to have for our kids as well. A lot of their games you'll see them hunched over on the couch, or using their legs as a table, which can also cause accidental drops. Because of the cover doubling as a kickstand, accidents are no more and they can freely use both hands to play on the iPad with no worries of hearing "ut-oh" or the sound it makes when it hits the ground. As you can see above, it works well when "coloring" and its nice to see the girls share and play together on the iPad instead of fighting over it because one of them can't see. 

Above is another example of the great kickstand feature with this iPad. Madison had fun homework to do, but it required Dice, so we downloaded a free app and then I walked past and had to snap this photo of them using the stand to easily see the screen. 

This cover is an iPad Defender Series Case. There's eight color combinations to choose from, and the retail value is $90-$100 depending on the case option you choose. This cover works with iPad versions 2-4 in all GB sizes, and all features and functions are accessible with the case on, including the microphone, speaker, headphone jack, camera and connector port. I was pleasantly surprised to hear that the sound is in no way affected. The girls can still play their games and we can watch videos without trouble hearing, and in fact have had to turn some things down for being too loud. 

My husband is a tow truck driver, so he's always outside. His job takes him on many adventures, but he tries to keep his phone in the truck at all times to ensure it doesn't get damaged. He really likes to take photos of the odder runs he does, or the occasional accident, but with a personal phone, you always take the risk of something happening to it. He recently upgraded to the new 5C iPhone, and while he's always been a white phone kind of person, he surprised me by getting the pretty lime green that they offer. 

At the same time this review came up, he wasn't too sure about getting a case because it would cover the green, but with Otterbox's option of building your own cover, he was able to still get the green look AND protect his phone all at the same time. 

This case is an iPhone 5C Defender Series Case. Since you get to choose your own two color combinations, there's several ways you can have this case. My husband chose Gunmetal Grey for outer layer and then Glow Green on the Inner Layer to resemble his green iPhone. This cover works solely with iPhone 5C and all features and functions are accessible with the case on, including the microphone, speaker, headphone jack, camera and connector port. The first night my husband put the cover on, he thanked me several times for getting it for him. While its not waterproof, it'll help so much with the occasional drops and smacks to the ground that all phones encounter at some point in time, especially when it gets dropped out of a tow truck from 6ft in the air. 

One HUGE issue with had with a case in the past was that my husband couldn't get the phone to charge with the cover on. His car charger was just barely too big to fit in the cover's slot and the only way for him to charge on road trips was to take the case fully off and then re-assemble once it reached 100% battery. Luckily with this Otterbox cover, he's had no issues arise and is able to use his phone how it's meant to be used with a cover. 

Not only can you purchase items for Apple pieces, you can also purchase for Kindle Fire's, Motorola, Nokia, Blackberry, Samsung, HTC, and LG products. 

Overall I HIGHLY recommend purchasing from Otterbox. They've turned out to be such a great company for us and we are very satisfied with our review items.

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