Wednesday, November 6, 2013

iPuke Chewelry Necklaces for Sensory, Aspergers, Autism, ADHD & other Special Needs

Thank you iPuke for the necklaces to help with this review

We specialize in high quality handmade goods for children. Our combined 95 years of sewing experience and passion for quality are sure to deliver satisfaction. My Mom and I love custom orders and suggestions.

My daughter, Chloe, has sensory issues and is believed to have ADHD. She has a lot of anxiety so I catch her biting on her lip to the point it bleeds. She also gets into these weird moods where she wants to lick and bite EVERYTHING, including people. I was at the point I was willing to try anything and everything to keep her from picking at and biting her lips. As soon as I seen this iPuke Chewelry necklace, I jumped on it! The Chewelry necklaces come in 3 bright colors so it was hard for Chloe to choose one. We ended up asking for a blue to review and I turned around and bought a pink one.

Shipping time was fast and we got it the morning before going to the fair. The colors are as bright as they are online and Chloe was very excited to wear them. I normally try to be firm about keeping necklaces and small objects out of the mouth, so at first she was hesitant about using it. The chew silicone piece is flexible and has a gummy-like texture to it. The snap clasp in the back is one of my favorite parts. Chloe has a habit of jerking a necklace off when she's done wearing it instead of asking for help with it, so when she said, "Uh-oh mama." I knew she has jerked the necklace off and broke it.. but surprisingly it wasn't broken! If a necklace can make it through Chloe's destruction, that's a well-made necklace!
During the fair while watching the seal show, I looked over and caught her biting her necklace instead of her lips! I was ecstatic! My husband rode a few rides with Chloe and the ones she was a little scared on, she was using her necklace again. 
McKenzie has had sensory issues her whole life. It all started as a young baby and trying to give her bathes. At the age of 4 months she started physical therapy for Torticollis, and her sensory issues were also further addressed and she worked with a great therapist for a couple years until the program decided she didn't need it anymore. Fast forward to now and we still have the same issues, among others, and no one wants to help us. At her 4yr check up, her pediatrician brushed it off, so I was left to continue to question every day challenges we face with her. I heard about these great necklaces in a blogging group and immediately showed Lakeon and emailed to see if she'd accept a review from us. Just like Lakeon said above, shipping was very fast and we immediately started our journey to see if iPuke Chewelry was right for us and our daughter. 

I'm not sure why, but McKenzie sees this necklace as a negative. I thought she would love the idea of having something safe to chew on, but its not fun for her and she's even asked that we throw it away. While she chews on her fingers, toes, shirts, blankets, etc etc she doesn't like wearing the necklace. I've decided to put it up for a bit and re-introduce and see how that goes. 

With a great price of only $4.50, if she changes her mind and is more comfortable in the future, I'll be purchasing more so she has a variety to choose from with colors! 

You can purchase these necklaces directly from her Etsy shop, iPuke. They come in three different colors as well as four different cord lengths. She will make special requests if another size is needed and shipping is fast!