Saturday, November 30, 2013

Michelle's Pregnancy Journal: Week 39

Doctor Appointments:
November 27 (38.4 weeks) 39 week check up
December 4   (39.4 weeks)

Based off my LMP I have a due date of Dec 8. Ultrasound measured for a due date of Dec 7. I was tracking ovulation with temping and that gives me a due date of Dec 11. My Dr is choosing to go with Dec 7 and I there fore will be moving these posts to Saturdays and going with my Dr's choice. 

Baby Names:
We all know now its a girl so HER name is Mya Sue 

Food cravings: 
I've been sick with a virus that my kids first passed around, so I haven't had much appetite. Steak N Shake spicy chicken sandwich and a Peppermint/Chocolate Chip shake sounds mighty good though!

FALSE LABOR! This has happened twice now and I really don't like it. I let everyone know what's going on and then it stops so I'm not a fan of false labor at all. I didn't have it with the other girls so its new for me.

Cervical Check (38.4 weeks) high and closed. 

Weight gain:
10 week weight: 225lb
13 week weight: 228lb
16 week weight: 230lb
20 week weight: 232lb
24 week weight: 237lb
28 week weight: 240lb
32 week weight: 243lb
34 week weight: 243lb
36 week weight: 240lb
37 week weight: 242lb 
39 week weight: 241lb

Gender prediction tests: 
Child's hairline-[Girl]
Intelligender (at 10w1d)-[Girl]
Chinese Calendar From BabyCenter-[Boy] WRONG! 
(Some I did said girl, just depends on the site)
High heartbeat (at 10w1d)-[Girl] 
Heart Beat is now in mid 140s compared to 170s at 10w

My sleep isn't too bad besides potty breaks. I've also increased my water a lot so that makes me tend to go more as well.