Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Preparing for Baby: 1st Time Parents

Just having reached 35 weeks my husband and I are definitely in "Preparing For Baby" mode! As first time parents, we never realized all of the things that go in to actually getting everything ready for baby to come home. Aside from the fun stuff like setting up a nursery and picking out adorable outfits there are a lot of important things that need to be covered.

Making sure that all of the medical things are taken care of including paperwork, birth plans, packing birth bags, etc.,  can seem like a chore but once things get rolling I know I will be really happy that all of those things are complete and I can just focus on labor.

What most couples don't seem to focus on is preparing your relationship with your partner for your new addition. The relationship will be forever different. I had a new-Mommy friend tell me a few days ago that she really regretted not taking time out before the baby arrived to just spend time with her husband and do non-baby things. As they neared the end of their pregnancy the majority of their conversations were about the baby in some way: wondering what the baby will be like or who it will look more like, and what other things need to be done before baby arrives. I know most of our conversations are baby related. My friend said after birth all conversations still center around their baby boy and they haven't had time to just be with each other.

My husband and I have made it a goal for these last 5 weeks to have one non-baby night together per week. We won't be assembling any baby items, organizing the nursery or talking about birth. Instead, we will be reconnecting for those few hours over the things that brought us together in the first place. 

Our ideas for our special date nights are:
  • Going out to our favorite restaurants or cooking our favorite meal together at home
  • Snuggling up to watch our favorite movies
  • Going out shopping for things we put off purchasing for ourselves in order to buy baby things
  • Going for walks and talking about our favorite memories
  • Looking through our wedding photo album/watching our wedding video
  • Giving each other a nice back massage (and trying not to complain about my aching pregnant back during!)

What other ideas do you have for special ways to reconnect with your partner before baby arrives? 

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