Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Preparing for Baby: Keeping a Clean Home

One thing I struggle with as a SAHM is a nice clean home. I'll be the first to admit that I'm not "Susie Home Maker" and have a spotless house, but its clean. With a new baby arriving, everyone wants to "nest" and clean as much as possible, but I'm a little different. When I prepare for a new child, I want to make sure my home is not only clean, but also in order so things are easily found by my family for things they might need. 

The most important thing I do when making sure my home is ready for others to help with my children is to ensure their clothes are in order. I like to make sure all clothes (or as much as possible) are clean and in their place for WHATEVER may arise when I'm at the hospital. Since Madison is 6 and McKenzie is 4 1/2, this does make things a lot easier. They're more self reliant and they know where things should be so that is even less stress on me.  

When dealing with this and having a toddler however, I always feel the intense need to have everything in a specific spot to ensure an easy time for others in my home. Toddlers can go through multiple outfits in a day, so obviously you'll want everything nice and neat for others to find. 
When I was in labor with Macyn, I cleaned our house to ensure it was in tip top shape for my mother-in-law when I left her with our two (then) toddlers for 48 hours. I remember doing a load of laundry, vacuuming our downstairs, and doing what little dishes were in the sink. I also made the girls dinner, gave them both a bath, and then took a shower and blow dried my hair all before going to the hospital that evening shortly before they went to bed for the night. 

I'm really hoping for a similar day this time around as well to make sure everything is in order for my husband since he'll mostly be taking care of our children after I give birth. 

I think overall, the success to keeping up with a clean home while 8-9 months pregnant is doing something every day. I've been putting a load of laundry in every night to catch myself up, and Madison does dishes at night for her chore, so the two major things are done constantly in efforts to stay ahead of the game!