Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Preparing for Baby: Moving Bedrooms

When we build our home in 2011, we had two children. Madison got the biggest room and McKenzie got the 2nd biggest room. We were TTC baby #3 so it was only fitting that the last and smallest room would go to the youngest child. While I was still in the hospital recovering from the birth of baby #3, I knew I wanted another child. Having a 4bdrm home however posed a problem and the talk was on about if having another baby would be a good idea for our family as a whole.

Almost 14 months after Macyn was born, we found out we were indeed adding another member to our family. Because of the size of rooms, my husband and I talked a lot on the bedroom issue and what would work best with our children and who exactly would share rooms and WHICH room would be shared.

Once we found out baby #4 was a girl, everything became easier to decide since we have all girls and there's no need to have a single room for a son. Once we knew this, we went back and forth on the two youngest sharing the smallest room since they'd both be in cribs, or making our oldest child move out of her room and put the two youngest in the biggest bedroom in the home besides the master room.

After many tears from Madison about leaving the only room she's ever known (in this home) we finally got her on board with the move, and then I realized all the stuff that needs to be moved. Macyn's room has been a storage of baby items we've collected over the last 6yrs, and has a ton of clothes and toys and necessitates needed as a child grows and develops. I've never really went through the clothes besides sorting to sizes (over and over and over) so the thought of TRULY going through ALL the clothes we have, sorting, separating, and storing, sounds like a huge task I don't really want to do.
Macyn's "room/storage" space

We told Madison in return for switching rooms, she could paint over the current yellow accent wall in the smaller room, and we'd also make her room more grown up and age appropriate with side tables, possibly a desk in the future, and truly making the room fit for a young lady vs the toddler she was when we moved in.

While we didn't get as far along as I'd hoped because everyone was sick the 2 week Fall break, I'm happy with progress so far and can't wait to add things in the future! 

This is a screen shot from Macyn's monitor. As you can see in the corner, the girls have A TON of stuffed animals. We purchased a net to put them all in, it just hasn't gotten hung up yet. I've realized I need my husband for a lot of little things, but yet its extremely hard to try to go through clothes and move things around with a young toddler under foot.

While I'm not done yet with fully re-arranging rooms, the biggest part is done and I can slowly work over the next couple weeks to get those finishing touches down before Mya arrives and I have no time do this stuff.

Best piece of advice.... HAVE HELP!