Thursday, December 19, 2013

Baby BeanBags Review

Baby Beanbags are a comfortable, high quality and innovative seating option for your baby. The soft fabric outer, bean filling and swappable covers provide a cosy, safe and flexible rocker alternative for your child from birth to school age. Baby Beanbags are portable, easy to clean, offer a wide range of health benefits to you and your children and years of use from newborn to toddler.

Even though Mya is our 4th child, I was very interested in Baby BeanBags. Not only are they great for infants, but they are also recommended for toddlers, which means Macyn can use it and Mya will get several years out of it. With normal baby products, a lot recommend to stop use between 6-12 months of age, so the thought of being able to use this until school age is so very appealing!

Each of our 3 girls all had acid re-flux issues, so I assumed Mya would be no different. Since you can position these bean bags any way you'd like, this gives me the option to prop up Mya after eating to help with her re-flux, and also giving her the opportunity to look around, and take in the scenery of our busy home! If she happens to fall asleep in the bean bag, I can gently re-position the filling and lay her back more instead of moving her and taking the risk of then waking her up in the process. 

Each Baby BeanBag comes with TWO seat covers! This feature is one of my favorites because once your child is old enough to get in and out safely, there is no need for the safety harness. Instead of it then getting in the way, you simply change out to the second cover and you have a smooth surface that is perfect for them to crawl in and out of. My only issue with the safety harness is that it only buckles on one side and is attached to the cover on the other side. I'd rather have two buckles vs slipping a leg in and out of the one side, but more a personal preference instead of it being a real issue. 

Macyn will be 2yrs old in February and she just loves this bean bag! We started using it while I was still pregnant, and it was so cute seeing her pick it up and carry it over to the chair or the middle of the floor to sit down and enjoy a comfy seat. Even though this seat is filled with beans, its pretty much weightless. While my oldest child tends to plop in the seat, I know that any of our girls can use it with no issues. 

Both covers are velvet and have a zipper in order to make them removable. There's Goretex water proof backing for possible accidents, and this also makes them fully breathable, warm in winter and cool in summer. 

You'll also find a handy strap on the back to be able to throw it on your shoulder and easily carry it with you if you choose to take it while on the go! I think this is a great feature if you take your child to a babysitter and use the bag back and forth at both places. The strap ensures you can securely carry it, and have free hands for baby or other items and not have to risk dropping the bag and it getting dirty outside. 

Another great MUST HAVE feature is the zipper for the bean area. Since most children can easily figure out a zipper, Baby BeanBags has made it to where you have to have a paper clip or something similar in order to gain access to the pocket where the beans are. This ensure that your children won't make a mess when your back is turned, or possibly open it and eat the contents inside. 

I really like this little feature because Macyn figured out the cover zipper the same day we received it in the mail. While she doesn't mess with it too much, she's fully aware its there and unzips it from time to time while she's sitting in it. 

Baby BeanBags is sold in Australia and ships Internationally. While they offer free shipping to Australian purchaseres, International shipping is $49. After payment is cleared, shipping takes about 10 business days if outside Australia, and while my box took a beating, everything arrived safely. 

While there are similar companies out there that sell a similar product, they are the originals of this item and to me, that makes a huge difference. They are laboratory tested to ensure all safety guidelines, and you can purchase unfilled bags for $80 or filled bags for $99. There's 13 color options to choose from, so they offer something for everyone!

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Lindsey said...

Ok, I don't have a baby and probably won't have another, but I WANT ONE OF THESE! They look AMAZING! I so wish we'd had one with our girls!