Friday, December 13, 2013

Crafty Friday: Week 11 (Reusable Beaded Candy Canes)

When I saw this idea of DIY candy canes, I knew it was a must for my family. With now having four children ages 6yrs and under, candy canes are always asked for or pulled off the trees. My husband likes to go over board and buy many different colors and flavors of candy canes so it gave me the idea to not only do red/white combo, but also letting our girls play around with colors and making their own special creations!

Materials Needed:
Pipe cleaners

Cut pipe cleaner in half
Slide one bead to the end of the pipe cleaners, turning end of pipe clean around the bead to keep it in place
Alternate red and white beads until pipe cleaner is full
Turn the end of pipe cleaner around last bead
Bend into a candy cane shape and hang on the tree!

 Unfortunately when I went to Wal-Mart to purchase the beads, they were all out of multi-colored packs. I plan on getting more, but for the time being, our girls still loved the red and white ones and it only takes a couple minutes to put together which is another great option for kids with short attention spans. 

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Heather S said...

Cute idea and easy too! I like the one with a bow tied around too!