Wednesday, December 11, 2013

"Home for the Holidays" Lakeon Paints *Sponsor Spotlight*

Lakeon is a wife and stay at home mother to two children, Chloe and Brantley. She is also my amazing co-blogger here on Mama's Baby Cupcakes, and is sponsoring yet another giveaway for a blog hop coming up! While she's slightly changed her name, she still does the same great work as we've previously shown, and she continues to get better and better with time! 

All Lakeon's orders are painted by hand in her spare time and come from a smoke free home. She can paint pretty much anything requested, and will also match colors/themes if requested by the purchaser. 

Having something that is custom made for a specific child or room in your home is such a special feeling and we get great compliments on the items in our home. I joke with Lakeon that if we lived in the same town, I'd be having her paint my walls and a lot more artwork than I already do. 


You can check out her Facebook page for more examples of her art, the varieties of items offered, and to also place an order. From canvas paintings, height charts, birth announcement plaques, and MORE, you'll be able to get a feel for her work and won't be disappointed with her work!

--Prices can range depending on what you want. The more detailed paintings are $35 while the less detailed are $25. I ask $5 in shipping per painting.

--All paintings are 16x20 unless you would prefer a different size.
Different sizes will make the price vary.

--I will accept cash, check and paypal. Please be aware that I will cash your check before mailing off your purchase. If I receive a void check, you will not receive your purchase and you will be banned from ordering from Lakeon Paints again.