Thursday, December 5, 2013

Preparing for Baby: New vs Old Baby Products

When you're a first time parent, everything is new. You buy the car seat, the stroller, the clothes, and everything else needed for a baby to arrive. As we have more children, we've been lucky enough to have plenty of hand me downs to help ease the financial part of purchasing new as each child arrives. 

When our first was set to arrive in 2007, my father bought the infant seat as a gift for us and he we'll be six years later, able to still use it since its never been in an accident. There is one flaw..... it will expire Dec 31, 2013 and Mya's "due date" is Dec 7, 2013. 

Since we knew a new infant seat was a must, then came the task of looking around online and trying to figure out what would make the best purchase. I feel like car seats have changed a lot in six years, and even though this is our last child, I wanted to ensure she had a great seat to last her until after she's one and transfers to a converter seat. 
While a lot of people think converter seats are best from the start, I never have because I don't like to wake a sleeping baby to go in to stores, or get my children from pre-school where I'm required to go inside to pick them up, so for MY family, infant seats are best. 

As soon as our Graco SnugRide® Click Connect™ 35 Infant Car Seat arrived in the mail, I immediately noticed differences compared to our infant seat of six years. It seems bigger, more advanced, and probably safer than we currently own since there's been so much studies and new technology added in to seats. 

Another upgrade we decided on was to change from our fold-able baby bath seat that sits in the tub, to a great looking Blooming Bath to will work so much easier since its in the sink! I really wanted one when we had Macyn and it didn't happen, so now with Mya and her being our 4th, it's going to be so convenient to bathe her around our other kids while they play instead of everyone going upstairs and watching me as we crowd in a bathroom to quickly wash her. 

One more new item we have is a new bassinet. The one we've had since Madison was born six years ago is from Wal-Mart and hasn't held up well over time. With multiple moves, multiple babies, and countless times of it being moved back and forth (on its wheels) its wobbly and unstable. We've turned it into a baby doll crib and now have a great bassinet with a raised piece to help with reflux. 

Word of advice: If this is your first child, always purchase AT LEAST a car seat new. Expired car seats, ones in accidents, or ones used un-properly are extremely unsafe.

If you've had more than one child but everything is stored away, check expiration dates (like on carseats). They have a date for a reason and its always best to purchase new, vs risking the unknown.