Monday, December 9, 2013

Preparing for Christmas with a Newborn

One thing I've worried a lot about is how I'll handle Christmas (and its prep) with a newborn baby. I put all gifts for our kids in lay-a-way at the end of September so we could slowly pay on it and hopefully have it out by Thanksgiving. While that didn't happen, I knew that shopping and walking around would be hard to do in November and I at least wanted to get it done and out of the way.

While I wanted to have everything at home and wrapped by the end of November, I knew that at least wrapping a couple items a night would help me out vs. waiting until the last minute like I do pretty much every single Christmas.

While we don't get our children a bunch of stuff, (5 items per children is our average) ensuring they all have the same number of gifts to open, and you times that number by three kids (now four) and it equals out to quite a bit of wrapping.

Since Macyn's room has a closet that isn't used, I knew it would be perfect to stash wrapped gifts as I work through the pile. Since no one goes in that closet, it is my best guess as hiding everything until Christmas rolls around and "Santa" drops everything off. Macyn luckily isn't old enough to understand what's going on, and since both of the older girls go to school, this gives me prime time during the day to stash presents wrapped from the night before.

I'm already thinking about next year and where we'll store everything since Macyn will almost be 3yrs old and will understand what I'm doing with presents. We have no real space in our home that is "off limits" to our children so I'm pretty clueless as to where everything will go. 

I really hope that Christmas doesn't get away from this year and even though I'll have a newborn and be so very tired, that I'll still be able to enjoy the day, its meaning, and my children as they joyfully play with their new presents! 

Any advice from someone that's been in my shoes?!


Heather S said...

I keep mine on a shelf in the master closet!