Thursday, December 26, 2013

"The Pecking Order" Custom Birth Announcement Throw Pillows Review

Thank you The Pecking Order for the throw pillow to help with this review
Zoey’s Attic officially launched in November 2006 by creator and owner Erin Delanty.  The inspiration for the website came shortly after the birth of their first child. Once they decided to grow their family it was a no brainer to have the store where families could come and get personalized items for children of any age! 

I've been an admirer of these Custom Birth Announcement Throw Pillows from The Pecking Order for quite a while now. I'm all about personalized items for my kids, and if you're a long time follower of this blog, you especially know how much I love The Pecking Order! With the arrival of Mya, I couldn't help but want a great throw pillow to showcase an amazing time in our lives, her birth. 

These pillows are 14 x 14 inches a with removable pillowcase for cleaning, and features a 300 thread count and zipper. You can include baby's name, birth-date, weight, length, a cute saying, and last but not least your choice of colors. Since there's a variety of colors to choose from, you can even match this pillow to fit the nursery theme of baby's room!

As soon as I had Mya, I got all the information over to Erin to start work on the pillow. As soon as it arrived, my husband and I were both blown away. My husband even mentioned not taking it out of the clear package in order to preserve it and said it was such a special item that she now has. 

While she shares a room with Macyn, I plan on getting a small shelf to showcase the pillow around her bed. I also want to get pillows for our other girls in the future so they can have something special as well. I love knowing the details from my kids' births, and while I might be the only one to remember them, having a nice piece of decoration takes me back to the day I had each of my girl's and the amazing day they were each brought in to this world! 

Above are just a few other examples of the pillows that The Pecking Order currently offers. Erin is always adding new ideas and options on her site, and these pillows are part of that. I love seeing the cute items she comes up with and great designs that are sure to match everyone's different taste in one way or another.

These pillows retail on the website for $34.50-$39.50 depending on the design that's chosen. The only difference I see to increase the price is if the pillowcase is white, or colored. The colored pillowcases (such as the pink shown above) is where the extra $5 comes in, and what's $5 for something that can last a lifetime?!

Above you'll see just a few samples of items we've reviewed/purchased in the past. The candy themed 5 shirt was a custom order to match our oldest daughter's Candyland themed 5th birthday party, and I was thrilled to see when she added it to the shop for others to purchase! I wore the Mummy To Be shirt this past Halloween while I was pregnant with my youngest and our 3 girls all had tote bags customized for their Halloween candy. Now Mya has the First Christmas shirt to celebrate this holiday season! 

I love The Pecking Order and the work Erin does for her customers. This company will always have my support, and we're lifelong customers, as well as blog supporters! 

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