Monday, January 13, 2014

Bamboobies Re-Usable Nursing Pads Review

Thank you Bamboobies for the Nursing Pads to help with this review

Bamboobies was created in 2009 after becoming a mother and always leaking through pads. After making her own nursing pad from velour fabric, she decided to make it in to a business and a whole line of products for new mothers.

Having breastfed all four of my children, I always have breast pads around. I always used disposable pads until I got in to blogging and had my third child. Being a blogger has opened my eyes to quite a lot of things out there on the market, and reusable breast pads would be one of those things. Not only can you save money using reusable pads, but you always have them around when needed and no runs to the store when you're low and in need!

Bamboobies sent me the Combination Sampler pack to review which is 1 set of regular pads (hearts) and 1 set of overnight pads (circles). This pack retails for $20 and is a great way to test out each type of pad offered. 

The pink heart shaped regular pads are designed for light leaks and discrete lines under our clothing. They have a unique milk proof backing to stop leaks from coming through, and are made of organic cotton and bamboo rayon velour with an inner layer of hemp and organic cotton. Since they're heart shaped, they lay better against the breast, which is why they're less noticeable under our clothing. They're so soft to the touch and don't feel cold and wet when needed to be changed because they're so absorbent. 
These blue circle pads are designed for overnight use and/or for heavy leaks. Just like the regular pads, these overnight pads are also made of organic cotton and bamboo rayon velour with an inner layer of hemp and organic cotton. Since these pads are larger, thicker, and very absorbent, they're ideal for times when more is needed. 

Caring for these nursing pads is very easy. You simply pop them in the wash with your normal loads of laundry and wash and dry as normal. The only thing you want to avoid is fabric softener, but otherwise they're simple to care for which is a great thing when you're a new mother. You can wear the hearts either up or down depending on your preference, and you wear the soft side against your skin. 

While I've been very lucky this time around to rarely leak, I like wearing my Bamboobies when we leave our home. I can trust that they're reliable if I do have a leak, and they lay great against my breasts. I like knowing that while I may need to breastfeed in public, people can't look at me and and tell I have breast pads on. With disposables I always adjust them over time and depending on the brand seem to make noises like disposable diapers can on children. Having security with these breast pads and them actually staying in place is great. You know they're where you put them and where they should be, instead of moving around and possibly then leaking through because its not in the accurate position for best coverage. 

Bamboobies offers a variety of selections and bundles to choose from depending on price preference and other accessories you might also want to purchase. You can also purchase gift cards from their site, which is a great option for mom's to be so they can get items they prefer or feel is most important to have. 

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