Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Couture Gel Nail Polish Kit Review

Thank you Couture for the Gel Nail Kit to help with this review

Couture Gel Nail Polish was founded after Melissa and family went on a trip to Europe and got their first Gel Manicure. After three weeks and plane ride home, they were on the hunt to freshen up their nails and get another Gel manicure after arriving home, but couldn't find the product in salons. This prompted the family to research on their own and develop Couture Gel Nail Polish kits for women to give themselves long lasting manicures in the comforts of their own home.

As a mother of four children ages 6 years and under, I never really paint my nails. When I do decide to take the time to paint them, they're normally chipped by the next day and I end up picking the polish off because it starts to bug me. 

While I've tried acrylic nails, I don't have time or funds to go to a salon every two weeks and sit and wait to get my nails filled. I've often wondered about the gel polish that's offered at my favorite salon, but again, they say its best to come back every two weeks to change and the time frame just doesn't work for us as a family. 

I became interested in the Couture Gel Nail Polish Kit because its a one time expense, you can do your nails in the comfort of your own home, and you're able to work around your life and schedule without rushing to get to the salon to just sit and wait your turn. 

This kit also includes three colors of your choosing, so after looking around on their site and their Facebook page for real life photos, I chose the colors Pretty In Pink, Fierce, and Glam Squad. These colors are pink, red, and a shade of purple. Our girls love their nails being done, so I wanted to get fun colors for them as well because I wanted to have them join in on the review experience. 

While I prefer pink shades, I've been on the hunt for a long time to find the perfect shade of red. I don't wear red often, but Christmas and Valentine's Day is a must for me to wear red, but I never end up liking the shades I purchase or get from a salon. When I saw the red "Fierce" color from Couture, I knew it would be a great time for me to try a new shade of red. Christmas was right around the corner and I needed a great color to show off my holiday spirit! 

I had my sister help me since she's had gel manicures from a salon, and between the two of us we were able to do a decent job on my hands. The directions say less is more, so trying to find the right amount was my biggest challenge. I found if I used too little then it would have to re-dip the brush half way over my nail, but if I used too much it seemed to not fully dry at the suggested 30 second mark that was needed to move to the next step. 

Once my nails were done and I really started to look them over, I could see where I'd missed some spots or not gotten close enough to my cuticles and could then see bare nail, so for me this was a great time for trial and error. Since I never do anything with my nails, I need to get back in to having the patience to sit and be able to focus at what I'm doing to be able to seal around the nail and do the job correctly. 

One really nice thing about having four little girls is that they can help review! Not only do they have fun getting their nails done, but its nice to spend one on one time together with them, as well as giving me more practice with the kit and learning how much polish to use to get great coverage without it being too much. 

While it was challenging working with such little nails, I had a great time and felt with each brush stroke I was getting better and better. You have to do your best to not get any on the skin around the nail because it then doesn't seal properly and will come up. I did have this issue with my own nails and had a couple come off, but with my girls its lasted so much longer since I pay more attention and ensure I wipe off any access polish with the handy tool supplied in the kit. 

While I don't think the polishes resemble what's on the website, every computer setting is different and colors WILL vary depending on your settings and how the color comes across your screen. The red polish is pretty spot on, but for some reason I always have issues with shades of pink and this pink in person is much lighter. I do feel its ideal for my children or myself when I want color, but nothing bold or really noticable. Its a subtle color and while I really liked the shade I saw on their site, I think with a couple extra coats I could get it to stand out better if I chose to. The purple to me (and my 6yr old) is almost like a light lavender shade and could pass for a pink depending on the light. I did notice after the second coat and then the dry time, it seems to darken and you could see it more. Unfortunately I can't get my camera to accurately show what it looks like on her nails, but she really likes it and its a great color for Spring. 

Overall, I would definitely recommend Couture to my friends, family, and of course you all, THE READERS! For a sale price of $129 you get the whole kit you saw above, all the accessories to prep your nails, and then the items needed to remove the polish when you feel the need to change. 

It takes me an average of 30 minutes to get a set done, and its worth every second. While the polish is on the high side at $15 a bottle, they offer discounts when you buy in bulk, and one bottle pays for itself with just a couple uses since you're saving money. There is over 100 colors and shades to choose from on their website, and you can also purchase the colors needed to do french tips. You have three weeks of wear with one correct application, and they also offer nail stamping kits if you'd like to add more flair and personal style to your manicures! 

I can't wait to purchase more shades because I'm already obsessed with this kit and am so thankful to Couture for this review opportunity. 

Connect with Couture Nails on Facebook, Twitter, & Pinterest! They also offer tutorials on their YouTube page if you need some extra pointers on using your kit.

There's a card in each kit that says "If a friend buys a kit, email us and you can get a free bottle of polish." If anyone decides to purchase a kit, please email me mamasbabycupcakes@yahoo.com with your full name! I'd really appreciate it and thank you for reading!


Lindsey said...

Love, love, love this review! I love having my nails painted, but just like you, they literally last like a day before the chip and peel. I'm definitely looking into this kit! Thanks, Michelle!

Chanel Crawford said...

I've always liked getting my nails done but hated that they chipped so quickly! I will definitely be looking into this product more!!!!

Chelle W said...

oh wow I want wait no need this in my life. I'm so over chipping polish all day long thanks to my constant typing.

Michelle and Lakeon said...

If anyone purchases a kit, send me an email to mamasbabycupcakes@yahoo.com

There's a card in each kit that if a friend buys a kit, you get a free bottle of polish! I'd appreciate it if you decide to buy and thank you ladies for commenting!