Friday, January 17, 2014

Crafty Friday: Week 15 (Re-Using Old Picture Frames)

When we had only one child, I would get her pictures taken once a month, choose my favorite pose, and get an 8x10 to frame in our apartment. Once we had a second child I did it again, and also with our third. Needless to say I have A LOT of picture frames now. 

Since a lot of our picture frames aren't being used, I wondered a better way to use them so they're not just sitting in my room collecting dust. 

After looking around on Pinterest for craft ideas, I stumbled upon uses for picture frames and began to search other possible uses besides photos. 

Items Needed: 
picture frame, print off or decoration to put inside, and wipe-able marker. 

Lakeon made me the above graphic to get printed out and it now sits on my kitchen counter. Sometimes I need to give myself structure to fully complete a task, so I'm hoping to use this idea to better accomplish my goals through out a day/week. 

When I try to organize things and deep clean, I tend to go from one thing to another and never feel like I got anything accomplished because it always still looks the same. By simply turning something I'm not using in to a fun little list, I hope to slowly but sure go through each room in my home, organize things, and slowly but surely check things off my list to make our house more organized for our family.

Other examples found via Pinterest