Saturday, January 11, 2014

Loving Moments by Leading Lady Leisure Sleep Bra Review

Thank you Leading Lady for the Leisure Sleep Bra to help with this review
Loving Moments by Leading Lady provides expecting and new moms with quality, affordable nursing intimate apparel in fun and fashionable styles. Featuring playful stretch lace, cute and supportive camis, soft comfortable sleep leisure bras and seamless every day styles, Loving Moments has a nursing bra for every occasion.

I have many maternity bras, but most are uncomfortable after a while and just plain irritate me. My favorite kind of bra to wear while pregnant is a sports bra, so the Leisure Sleep Bra was a no brainer for me to choose to review. As soon as the bra arrived in the mail, I opted to put it in my hospital bag instead of wearing so I knew I'd have it clean and with me while I was at the hospital the two days after having Mya. 

I was honestly shocked when I put this bra on. It's one of the most comfortable bras I have ever worn. Since all I do while in the hospital is sleep and nurse, I knew that this was the perfect review time and I was right! I really liked how quickly and easily I could pull the bra aside to nurse Mya, and then when done, pull it back up and be done. It never lost its shape or original fit after using it for two days, and the band around never irritated me or felt too tight. 

This bra comes in M, L, XL, 2XL with a chart to help you figure out what size works best for you. I was on the fence about my size but opted to go with 2XL and it possibly be a little big vs an XL and it be too tight. I'm really glad I got the 2XL because I think that's one reason why I was so comfortable. After washing and drying it bounced back a bit and still felt great when on. 

Since I can purchase this bra in Walmart or online, I'd love to get more in the near future. I like them more than regular sports bras and since I'm a stay at home mother, I don't always need to wear the nice fancy underwire pretty bras since I'm at home. 

According to Walmart's website, you can purchase the bra for $12 and it comes in three colors of black, grey, and floral print.

Leading Lady has made a mini line of items for expecting and new mothers. With the "Maternity to Nursing" section you can start your purchases while still pregnant and be comfortable while wearing them. Instead of the items then going in a box with other maternity clothes, they transition to nursing clothing and you don't need to buy anything special. Support bands are also nice for after baby because extra support is at times very needed in the first few weeks after delivery. 

All the items above are available through Walmart and are $17 or less. You can't go wrong with Leading Lady and their items because they're affordable, comfortable, and do exactly what they're made to do which in turn makes the lives of the consumer so much easier. 

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