Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Miss Amanda's Creations Review

Miss Amanda's Creations is a Facebook page where you can purchase crocheted items such as diaper covers, shoes, boots, hats, scarves, and then bows she makes. 

The boots you see above were first debuted November 9, and I fell in love instantly. Since Mya had a December due date, I knew shoes were needed for her during the cold months. After talking to Amanda, we set up a review for a pair of boots. 

I really liked the pink and grey combination because the colors can go with anything since they're neutral, and I personally like the two colors together on a lot of things and not just these boots. With both being basic colors, they'll match a lot of clothing options and that means she can wear them all the time which is a big plus. I'd rather have one or two pair of cute shoes for an infant vs several pair that won't get worn often. 

These boots arrived just a couple days before Mya was born. My plan was to have them accessorize her coming home outfit, but the day we left the hospital the temperature was below 10 with an even colder wind chill, so she left in a thick sleeper. 

My next option for her was to wear the boots and try them out was to see Santa! We hadn't went anywhere besides Dr check ups since her birth, so seeing Santa was great timing. Not only would her feet stay warm, but she'd also look cute and fashionable, so I was thrilled to get them on her tiny feet. 

These boots right now seem to be a bit too big. As I carried her through the mall, they fell off a couple times, and I was worried I'd end up loosing them. I do wonder if maybe putting socks on and then the boots would help to take up some space and in turn they'd stay on her feet better? Our children have all been very petite newborns, so Mya is no exception. Since we stay around the house, I know she'll grow in to them in time and they'll make a great accessory in a couple months when she can wear cute dresses and leggings with these boots to match! 

These boots are soft to the touch, easily stretch when put on the feet, and yet are woven perfectly so there's still a great seal to keep feet warm. They can come in pretty much any color combination you'd like, as well as your preferred size up to 12 months. Retail value for the boots are $20 within the US which includes shipping costs. I think this is a great price for something that is handmade and will last for several months. 

Other examples of her work!

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