Monday, January 20, 2014

Safe Nails Children's Polish Review

Thank you Safe Nails for the polishes to help with this review

Carefree child’s play made chemical and toxin free. That is the proud promise of SNAILS Kids. Here you will find the world’s first 100 % European water soluble and easily washable children’s nail polish – and a new age of safe, simple and sustainable cosmetics that colour kids’ worlds and nails, naturally.

Get your little ones set for a brush with brilliance. Safe nail polish is child’s play with SNAILS Kids. The world’s most natural children’s nail polish will be welcome at any play date because SNAILS Kids lets your children colour their world and their nails with safe simplicity.
Glamorous girls can set their fingertips ablaze in exciting colours without even a whiff of harsh smelly chemicals. They’ll neither know nor care that they’re sporting the world’s first 100% natural water-based nail polish — but you’ll love removing their nail polish experiments with simple soap and water.

SNAILS Kids will brighten little nails and your day with:
Fancy French-made nail polish that satisfies the strictest cosmetics laws in the world
Patented three main -ingredient formula of water, acrylic polymer and non-toxic colorants
Toxin-free nail polish without toluene, formaldehyde, dibutylphthalate (DBP)or BPA
Lovely lead-free packaging in pure Italian glass bottles custom designed for kids
Light carefree scent to delight children and adults too.

Color their world with safe nail polish Every SNAILS Kids polish is kind to both environment and children’s nails. So your glamour girls can go green while choosing exciting shades.

The makers of Snails Kid Safe Nailpolish sent me two bottles of polish in the colors Raspberry pie and Sweet Heart. They have 19 different beautiful colors, making it hard to choose just one or two. 

RASPBERRY PIE- Glossy purple. Wear purple when you want to encourage fantasy, mystery and imagination.

SWEET HEART- A rich, lush, pinky-purple for your little sweetheart to "look as pretty as a picture" !

 Your beautiful girl wants to be just like you — right down to your splendid nail polish. So nail polish becomes a key to imaginative play and role modelling. Sure you could lend cute copycats your own nail polish. But adult cosmetics contain chemical ingredients that are simply too harsh on young skin. SNAILS Kids nail polish is designed specifically for children. Without toxic substances and with a unique water soluble formula that is easily removed with soap and water, SNAILS keeps kids safe and sweet —just the way they should be.

Upon receiving the package from Snail Nails, I was pleased at how well my polish was packaged. Everything was safe and secure on its long trip from France to the USA. The colors are very girly and apply smoothly. I was surprised that this polish had a very pleasant fresh smell to it as well. This is a great polish to give little girls learning to paint nails themselves. Not only will it wash off at bath time, but it washes right out of clothes and floors too. NO stains is a huge plus! One of the best things about washable nail polish is that kids can re-paint everyday without needing to use harmful nail polish remover on their tiny fingers.

 I applied one coat of the Sweet Heart polish to my nail. It has great coverage and wasn't streaky at all. Then, I used only water and effortlessly washed only the middle of my nail. I didn't need to scrub at all and as you can see, it washed right off!

My daughter and I both loved the pink and purple colors. She was excited to be "grown" enough to do her own nails and I was happy that Snail Safe Nails could provide this experience to her with their safe and non-toxic polish.

If you're interested in buying Snail's safe nails Polish for €8.00 or $11.00 each, you can view all 19 colors on their adorable website. They even have other great products like Nail StickersNail Art Pens and even a small collection of polishes for Moms-to-be!

You can connect with Safe Nails through Facebook and Twitter too!