Sunday, January 12, 2014

The Diaper Clutch Review

Thank you The Diaper Clutch for the clutch to help with this review
Following the birth of her son in 2005, Cynthia Poblete founded The Baby Panda, an online boutique offering Asian-inspired clothing and accessories for infants and children. Joining the group of other "mom-preneurs", she created the diaper clutch after finding the need for the convenience of diapers and wipes in a stylish carrying case, she took to the drawing board! In the Fall of 2006, she launched her new product, the diaper clutch.

I go back and forth with purses. At times they're great to have, but most of the time when I'm just running a couple quick errands, I'd rather have a simple solution for times when a diaper change can't wait. When you have a toddler, everything is more predictable and I just keep wipes and diapers in our van, but when you have a young baby, they need a diaper change at any moment, so I always want to be prepared. 

These Diaper Clutch's are 10"x7", come in 100% cotton fabrics, and feature a velcro closure for the wipes section. While designed around the Huggies brand of refill wipes case, you can also use these clutch's with Pampers, Kirklands, Comfort Babies, and more. It holds the 40 count refill packs, and since there's a hole for the hard button, your wipes will stay nice and secure in this case, while also staying shut and not drying out. 

Behind the wipes is a great pocket to put a handful of diapers so you don't run out. Since I have two children in diapers, this is a great option for me because I can easily fit both sizes of diapers needed in the pocket and go. Even if you cloth diaper, this pocket is big enough for 2-3 diapers which is plenty if you only plan on being out of the house for a few hours. 

Also by the pocket for diapers, you'll find the part of fabric that opens to change the wipes out. When you purchase from The Diaper Clutch you can add wipes for $2.75 and are able to choose from Huggies or Pampers. I like this option because then you can exactly how the wipes fit and an accurate size to buy in the future when the time comes to restock the wipes. The best size of wipes is the 40 count on the go sizes and you can use multiple different companies. 

If you cloth diaper or have potty trained children, you also have the option to purchase a Wipes Clutch bag. These have the same features as a Diaper Clutch, except there's a 6" wrist strap and instead of a back pocket for diapers, this accommodates the 70 count wipes sets. These are a few dollars less than the Diaper Clutch with a price tag of $18. 

You can purchase The Diaper Clutch on their website for a great price of $24. They also offer a custom section where you can choose both the inside and outside fabrics if you'd like a little more personalization. With this custom section, you can add a wristlet on your Diaper Clutch for just $1 more, and then like all sections, you can add wipes for $2.75. 

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