Thursday, February 20, 2014

New app from PBS KIDS - Dinosaur Train A to Z!

I received a promo code to download this app

Dinosaur Train A to Z is the ultimate dinosaur app from the hit PBS KIDS show Dinosaur Train. The app not only help kids build reading skills, but also will encourage the exploration of life science and natural history through discovery, play and reading.

McKenzie is a huge fan of Dinosaur Train! I saw the app on the Dinosaur Train Facebook page, so when I got the email to review the app, I couldn't have been more excited! McKenzie loves dinosaurs and this app was right up her alley! 

Once you go through the line of trains and select your letter of choice, the fun begins! You learn about their choices of food, where remains have been found, you can see their skeleton, and even favorite your dinosaurs for easy access later. Interaction with apps is key, and I like that you can read along with the information and its highlighted as they say each word. This is nice for our 6yr old since she's learning to read.

Clicking the dinosaur tab takes you to a list of all the dinosaurs on the app. I really like that they're categorized by what they eat because when McKenzie is playing her toy dinosaurs she always asks questions about them and I'm not too familiar with the different species. Now she can look at her toys and match them in this app and learn more about them which is neat to help her do. Her favorite is always the T-Rex but I love seeing her mind grow when she learns new things, and this app helps do just that. 

Dinosaur A to Z includes the following features:

  • Set of 26 interactive dinosaurs and their corresponding dinosaur letters
  • Highlighted words throughout the app to build beginning reader skills
  • Touch, swipe and tilt functionality to help kids learn over 50 dinosaur fun facts
  • Dinosaur index with classification filters to build science inquiry skills
  • Narration by Mr. Conductor!

Currently available for the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch for $1.99, you can't beat the price! Android is in the works and will be up and running soon. They also have add on dinosaur packs such as water creatures, and winged and feathered creatures which I will be purchasing as they're released. Each pack is .99 and comes with 10 dinosaurs, new train carts, and adds them to the full index that you can access. 

Yet another hit from PBS and I will continue to love this company!