Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Mya Update: 3 Months Old

Mya hit her 3 month mark March 10 so I thought I'd give you all an update on our life, as well as pictures.

I was really nervous at the thought of having four children to care for. After Macyn's birth I had a bit of Baby Blues and was a big ol' mess the first week, so I was hoping that wouldn't happen after coming home with Mya. Each evening when my husband would bring the girls to the hospital to visit, it felt overwhelming for both of us to try to get three children to stay quiet and calm in the room, so it gave me more anxiety about what it could be like at home.

Overall, I think we've done a pretty good job these past 3 months. While I do get overwhelmed and stressed at times, I love my girls and couldn't imagine our lives any other way.

Madison is at school all day, but when she is home she helps as much as possible, and McKenzie is normally off in her own little world of imagination playing with toys and their 4ft doll house from Christmas. Macyn loves Mya a little too much it seems, always in her face and wanting kisses or stopping her swing to say hi, but I'm glad she enjoys her so much vs the opposite experience we had with McKenzie not wanting to except Macyn when she was born two years ago.

Currently Mya is in the 11lb range and loves to smile and coo at anyone who will talk to her. She has a cute little dimple on her lower right cheek, and she sleeps through the night! She's slept through the night since she was about 10 weeks old, and it's pretty amazing.

So much as happened for us in the month of February. We all got sick and while I was able to contain it from Mya until the end. She did end up catching the cold and even though I took her to the Dr at the beginning signs, her Bronchilitus very quickly turned in to Pneumonia.

It all happened on a Saturday. My mother in law babysat the girls while I went out and got a new tattoo. I was gone about 90 minutes and then our day went on as normal. After Mya slept all day, she finally started to squirm so I mad a bottle. She fell back asleep while I was in the kitchen so I decided to wake her up by changing her diaper so she'd eat. I discovered her diaper was dry, and she kept falling asleep while trying to eat, as well as being lethargic. I took her the ER and they admitted her with a temp of 101.5 and started tests to figure out what was wrong. Seeing my BABY go through a Spinal Tap, Blood Draw, IV, Catheter for urine test, and a Chest X-Ray was one of the hardest things I've ever had to go through. I arrived at the hospital at 9pm on Saturday and we didn't leave until Monday at 12noon.

The time I spent in the hospital with Mya was so difficult, but at the same time it showed me what a strong little girl she is and it reconnected us on a deeper level. Since it wasn't planned to stay, I didn't have anything with me and the girls' couldn't come up to the Pediatric until due to Flu season, so it was just me and her those couple days, being at her every little whine or cry, holding her hand through breathing treatments and them sucking her nose out because of all the yucky stuff in there from the added head cold. 

So now that she's cleared from the Dr and a lot better than she was a couple weeks ago, we're still trying to get back to normal around our home. From all the stress of the hospital stay, my hair has been falling out, so I really hope that things only continue to get better for us and that she's never that sick again! 

While you'll see her in the occasional post, I'll update again at 6 months!


Zoey said...

Hi Michelle! So happy Mya is home and everyone is feeling better! :)

Diana Chastain said...

I can't believe she's 3 months old! Wow, time flies!