Monday, March 24, 2014

Pull-Ups® First Flush Update #CelebrateFirstFlush #MC #Sponsored

I participated in a campaign on behalf of  Mom Central Consulting (#MC) for Pull-Ups. I received product samples to facilitate my review and a promotional item as a thank you for participating.

I announced my Ambassador position with Pull-Ups last month. Since its been a month already, I'm here to update you and talk some more about potty training! As a reminder, Macyn will be our third child to potty train, and I've learned pro's and con's from potty training with our first two girls. While Macyn knows when she's going potty in her diaper, she doesn't quite have the whole understanding behind it, so now that she's hit her 2nd birthday, we're giving potty training a shot! 

At the end of January we started getting sick, and for the whole month of February, we all passed it around to each other and it even landed our baby in the hospital. This very much delayed potty training for us. Besides yucky diapers from being sick, and getting no sick from being up and down with sick kids at all hours of the night, I did't put forth much effort in this department of Macyn's life. 

I received our two packs of Pull-Ups a couple weeks ago and was excited to show them to her and gauge her reaction. She thought they were pretty, but seemed to be shy at the thought of putting them on instead of her normal diapers she's used to. 

I decided to take things slow and not push her through this journey, because I did that with our first child and it took her until the age of almost 4 to fully potty train and be able to wear underwear outside of the home. I decided that when I would go to the bathroom, I'd give Macyn the chance to use her potty, even if just to sit for a moment, in hopes that the process seems like click in her sweet little brain some more. 

(Please Note, I didn't realize the Pull-Up was backwards until I was editing)

My major issue right now is that she always tells me she doesn't have to potty. The other day I sat her on the potty and she was telling me she needed to poo, but after a couple minutes, I let her get up. Not too long after that she used her Pull-Up to go to the bathroom. 

I think I need to start having her try once an hour or so just to make her realize that potty is meant for the toilet, and I feel after a while and her eventually going, that she'll start to understand the point behind her potty and hopefully be more encouraged to go once she sees that can do it successfully. 

I requested the 2T-3T size which is weight ranges 18-36lbs. Macyn turned 2 in February and is in the mid 20lb range at this time. This size fits her very well except needing to spread her legs a bit to ensure the middle section is up all the way. They don't slip around while playing, and the tear away sides have been a life saver when it involves poo accidents. 

While I don't have access to a printer at this time, you can access some great tools from the Pull-Ups website such as a progress chart, and fun ways to celebrate the First Flush! They're also available on Facebook and Twitter to help you along the way and encourage you during this time of transition. You can also access the Big Kid App that helps transition to night time and can be a part of your night time routine with fun games. 

Until next time! 


Lindsey said...

When I've had to buy Pull-Ups, I ALWAYS buy the Huggies brand. I remember from days that I was a preschool teacher and the kids that were still in Pull-Ups those tear-away sides were definitely lifesavers!
Little Macyn is SUCH a cutie. She'll get it soon, I'm sure!

Mama Blamer said...

I love huggies new pull design. they have little tabs much like diapers to ball up the diaper rather then their other design where you couldn't. my daughter has to wear the 4t to 5t and she's 2. she's much taller than most girls her age. I started putting my daughter in pull ups becase diapers sag too much on her. I'm hoping to begin potty training soon.