Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Talkin' Tattoos Tuesday: Week 52

Welcome to week 52 of Talkin' Tattoos Tuesday! I did an intro post where I explained my goal in posting these every week and how you can submit your photo to be featured. Check out the post if you need to refresh your memory. Since I've went through all my tattoos, now I'll be sharing photos I've found online, and the occasional viewer submission when they come in.

I, like you have several that I am covering/fixing.  This, my most recent transformation.  Started with a 3, YES THREE time, foot cover up that grew with each fix.  MANY many hours in that foot!!!  Still looked unfinished so I decided to start a flower leg for the ladies in my life that I love.  The first leg piece - poppies, my grammie's favorite.  I will then do an equally as large piece of Gerber Daisys for my mom, my daughter's pick is Hibiscus, my bff has two and haven't decided between them yet. 

Once those sides are finished I plan to fill with individual flowers and/or petals for others that I love.  Thus far am very happy with the transformation. 

(Note: First photo is the cover up)


Erika Messer said...

I LOVE the way this turned out! I just got my first tattoo at 37 years old about 6 months ago and it was for the Fort Wayne Derby Girls - just small but I will send you a picture :) I am a Jeerleader for them and they are all for charities so it's awesome for me to be a part of! I want to get a tattoo similar to what you have - not quite as big I would like it on my shoulder area but I want hibiscus flowers too :) I think they are just beautiful. But I must say I love the red flowers on yours - those are just gorgeous!