Thursday, April 24, 2014

CakeBallz Review

Thank you Cakeballz for the items to help with this review

National Cake Ball Brands (Cakeballz) was born out of one simple desire: provide a tastier and fresher alternative to the current snack cakes you'll find on the shelves of your local grocery or convenience store. We also know that at this day and age, no one has time for baking, but everyone still loves a nice bit of cake from time-to-time.

I'm a big cake person. I love junk food in general, but cake is on a whole other level. When I found the Cakeballz company, I knew I wanted to try them and see if their product was just as good as the pictures shown on their site. With three different flavors to choose from, it gives a variety for everyone and just enough in size to quench that sweet tooth. 

As soon as these goodies came in the mail I immediately opened them to take the photos and taste test. I was in the mood for sugar when they happen to arrive, so it was a win win. I was happy to be sent a 24 variety pack so my girls and husband could try them as well and pick out their favorites. Since they traveled in the mail, I was happy to see they sent ice packs along, and they weren't melted or damaged. As you can see from the pieces I cut in half, the inside is very moist and delicate, which made me want to try them that much more!

The first flavor I wanted to try was "Birthday Cake". It's a fun name and a great time to eat cake, so I was curious to see if it truly reminded me of the traditional flavor of birthday cake or not. I liked the added fun sprinkles on top for color, and then the white icing shell with a white cake filling inside. As soon as I took a bite I was in love. These Cakeballz are the closest I've ever tasted to something tasting like Birthday Cake besides.... a true cake! It was so moist and creamy, almost melting in my mouth, and the sprinkles gave it a little crunch. It was by far my favorite flavor over all and the first to be gone from the bunch!

The next flavor I tried was Chocolate. Chocolate cake is always a nice flavor to hit the spot, and with the dark chocolate outside, it was calling my name. I liked the crunchy outside and moist chocolate cake inside. Chocolate has a pretty basic flavor so while it didn't WOW my taste-buds, but it was very good overall. I found myself sneaking these while cooking dinner, and they were gone quickly as well. 

Last but not least we have Red Velvet. While I'm not a huge red velvet fan, I was still anxious to try this flavor. I've tried making cakes and cupcakes in the past with the same flavor and it always seemed a little bland to me. I was hoping with these Cakeballz it would wake up my taste-buds to what red velvet could really taste like. With this flavor you have the red icing coating and then moist red cake inside. I really like the cake inside because its so flaky and delicious, but the icing was a little much for me. Red dye is hard to pull off, but Cakeballz did a good job being able to have the flavor and a beautiful shade of red, all while not tasting bad. This was the least favorited by my family and the last ones to be eaten. I personally think this is my own taste-buds with red velvet cake and has nothing to do with this company. 

Online with being able to purchase directly from the Cakeballz website, you can also use their handy store locator to search for Walgreens locations that carry them as well. If you don't see a local store to you then you can simply order online in a variety pack or mix and match the flavors that appeal to you most. Each package comes with three Cakeballz and the 36 count packs are $24.95 plus shipping. 

These make great snacks or alternatives to a cake at parties. Since you can pick and choose flavors there's endless possibilities for parties and they're perfect for finger sized snacks and while mingling. I'll definitely be getting more! 

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