Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Epic Vodka Blog Review

The Sazerac Company is introduced a new vodka – EPIC – named for the great moments often found in everyday living, yet sometimes taken for granted.  Made with vodka imported from France, Epic is inspired by centuries-old distilling traditions, providing the cleanest tasting vodka in an attractive bottle with an equally attractive price point.

The Sazerac Company hit the nail on the head with theses liquored spirts. Epic vodka is not only great quality but, it's also budget-friendly! They make Epic Vodka in Classic as well as 9 other flavors.

Flavors of Epic Vodka available:
Epic Classic Vodka
Epic Grape Vodka
Epic Citrus Vodka
Epic Red Berry Vodka
Epic Peach Vodka
Epic Kiwi-Strawberry Vodka
Epic Cherry Vodka
Epic Whipped Cream Vodka
Epic Coconut Vodka
Epic Cake Vodka
The makers of Epic Vodka sent me two flavors to review, Peach and Original. 

Epic Vodka would be a good base to any mixed drink. You can take it as a shot or add it to tonic, soda and cocktails. It's pretty basic and universal. Used as a shot, it's smooth going down and gives you a nice bite afterward. 80 Proof / 40% alcohol

I paired this vodka in my mason jar with cranberry juice and added a few frozen berries. It was absolutely divine! Since the classic vodka is so universal, I can't wait to see what kind of drinks I can create with it. The possibilities are endless!

To make this:
2 shots Epic Vodka
2 shots pineapple juice
2 shots cranberry juice
1/2 cup frozen mixed berries

Epic Peach Vodka has a sweet peach flavor and builds up to a medium burning sensation while never losing the peach taste. Peach is a common fruit, but it’s not used in spirits (such as a vodka flavoring) often. It's the perfect base for a fruity cocktail. 70 Proof / 35% alcohol

I paired this vodka in my mason jar with pineapple juice and added some frozen tropical fruit. It was amazingly delicious and a relaxing way to end such a stressful day. I would recommend only adding this vodka to fruity drinks for obvious reasons, unless you think you would like a peachy Cola.

To make this:
2 shots Peach Epic Vodka
4 shots pineapple juice
1/2 cup frozen tropical fruit

You can find Epic Vodka in 1.75L for $15.99 online and at your local liquor store. 
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