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Lalabu Soothe Shirt Review

Thanks to Lalabu for the Soothe Shirt to write this review
In 2009 my husband and I took a trip to visit my aunt in Burkina Faso, Africa.  While there she took us to the village of Djibasso and we were hosted by Lalabu.  She had newborn twins and taught me how to wear her son on my back.  I was amazed at how easy and comfortable it was and decided when I had kids I would wear them like Lalabu did. Once back in the states I noticed the wraps and baby carriers here seemed so much more clunky, uncomfortable, and cumbersome than the simple baby wearing in Djibasso.  There had to be a better way! My husband and I set out to create a simple solution that allows moms to enjoy the benefits of wrapping their newborn without the complexity.  The Soothe Shirt™ does just that. 

I didn't know much about baby wearing until our third child, and even then wasn't too sure how it all worked. I had a carrier, but I never felt she was secure in it and I finally gave up. With the upcoming birth of our fourth child I wanted to try again. I'd found another item that seemed simpler, but once it was in my hands all I felt was confusion and defeat. Thanks to Keri and her husband, an idea like "The Soothe Shirt" is perfect for me! 

Mya is a very clingy baby. Part of this I think is because it was just me and her majority of the time in the hospital after birth. While my husband was taking care of other girls, I had all my time to devote to my last little baby. All I did was hold and snuggle her, taking in every little part of her I could and just enjoying the moments we were together. 

Once we got home and in to the swing of things as a mother to four girls, I found myself always needing to hold the baby in one way or another. She craved my closeness and always wanted to be around me. For the first several weeks we even slept down stairs because she wouldn't sleep unless she was close to me. After sleepless nights and needing a routine, I finally figured out she liked the close feeling her swing a gave her and it became her home in a sense so I could still take care of my other children with both my arms. 

Keri made contact with me when Mya was just about to turn three months old. When I read her email and looked at the site, I was in awe of this product. I had never heard of something like this product before, and I was desperate to try it out so Mya and I could meet in the middle and she'd still get her closeness and I could still do the motherly/housewife things I needed to do without being confined to one arm. 

The "Soothe Shirt" comes in five sizes and three different colors. Since its just like a tank top, you're able to wear it through out the day and have it handy when needed. The pouch opening folds flat so its not too noticeable when your child isn't inside. It has nice thick stitching and hugs you in all the right places. I got the biggest size offered after looking at the size chart, and at first I thought it might be too small. After getting it on and wearing around for a couple minutes, it was more comfortable and I thought it fit just right. 

While breastfeeding didn't work out between Mya and I, the feature of built in nursing is a big plus. It fits just like a sports bra would and I could see how nursing would be simple and easy while wearing this shirt around the house or out and about during the day. 

The Soothe Shirt is suggested for newborn to five months of age, and the pocket fits comfortably for older children. I had to bring Mya's knees up to ensure her comfort as well as mine, and she likes walking around with me while I'm cleaning or doing every day little things around the home. While our weather's been very up and down since I received the shirt, I have had a chance to wear it outside while our kids were playing and it holds up well. After getting used to the feeling of carrying your child in front of you, you'll find yourself comfortable and free to go about your business because the shirt pouch is stable and secure. 

This shirt retails for $60 and is a great investment for mothers to be. This would make a great baby shower gift since you can use it right from the beginning, and its well worth the investment since you can use it for such a long time. Even after your child outgrows the age limit for the pouch, you can still wear it around to nurse which means you'll add another easy convenient item of clothing to your collection for nursing apparel. 

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Mama Blamer said...

I love that it has a built in nursing bra to make it easier to breastfeed.

Amanda said...

I love that it has a built in nursing bra!

Quantmlife said...

Cindy B (on rc/fb) ~ I love that it can be worn even when baby isn't being worn and not look out of the ordinary.

polly said...

Love the pictures of these precious babies and the colors of the lalalbu shirt

polly said...
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petchk79 said...

I really like that you can wear this all day like a shirt so you don't have to continually put it on and take it off as you want to carry baby!

Synaptrix777 said...

I like the pictures they have on the website to show what the shirt looks like, although I wish they had a few models that were larger since I have no idea what it might look like on me! alona y.

Kimberly said...

I really like that there is nothing to wrap with this shirt. I love baby wearing and having my squishy baby close, but I have never had success with wrap style carriers. This looks so much easier!

Michelle Tamasa said...

Pure black is my favorite, but I think the purple comes in close second. Did you tell Lalabu you named the shirt style after her?

Stacy Calhoun said...

I love how you can still perform mommy duties and have baby close. I had a snuggler and this shirt would have made my job 10000 times easier.

leann pendley said...

I want one so bad. I would choose black if I won.

janet m said...

I like that it has the Built-in nursing bra for breastfeeding

Melissa Marinho said...

I love the versatility of the shirt. I love that it can be worn by itself or with a favorite outfit! Makes wearing it super easy!

Christine Jessamine said...

I love that there are no straps or ties with this. It is easy to put on and safe for the baby. I would love something like this after my son is born

Lindsay Whitman Drewes said...

Michelle -

These are pictures of you and baby #4?! You look amazing!

I have no idea how you wrangled 3 children before trying babywearing - You're a saint! ...And do you have an extra arm somewhere? :)

I've included your review in my post, "9 Reviews Expecting Mamas Should Read". Click here to check it out:

Keep being the incredible super mom you are! You rock!

Much love,