Friday, April 4, 2014

MADil Flip Flops Review

Thank you MADil for the flip flops set to help with this review
The actual product idea came to me while waiting by our local pool for our kids to finish their swim practice.  I was inspired to see the many creative ways people chose to express themselves…from their clothing to their accessories. The traditional flip flop, however, was left out of the "expressive" picture.  So, why not reinvent the flip flop to enable people to further express themselves? By changing band colors and adding charms to your flip flops, customers can accessorize their MADiL flip flops to match their daily activity, mood, and style. We’ve made a commitment to give back 10% of all flip flop sales to nonprofit projects.

I first discovered MADil last Summer and I reviewed their Gender Reveal set of flip flops. Now that it's Spring, I was excited to work with MADil again and showcase the "Passion Bundle". I love black flip flops because they go with anything, no matter the outfit, and they can hide dirt better than white sets. 

The set I chose to review comes with black flip flops, four charcoal bands, four red bands, and one heart charm along with their signature M charm. I especially like the M charm since my name's Michelle, just gives it an extra pop for me since it works in my favor. 

The bands are easy to change out and can be done in just a couple minutes. On the inside of each flip flop flap is a little piece of metal that is attached to the bands. You simply push the metal piece through the hole on each end and thread the band through the same way and you're done. I did have some issues with getting the metal piece to come out and go back in, but I also have artificial nails and could't really get a good grip until I pushed with my finger tips instead of using my fingers in a more normal way. 

The straps always feel a little tight when being broken in, but that quickly changes as you wear them and they conform to your foot. MADil suggests sizing up by one and I'm glad I did. I will say that it seems like there's too much room by my toes vs the heel so that would be the only thing I'd change if I could. 

MADiL flip flops are $20/pair and come in 5 colors
MADiL color bands are $8 for 3 pack bundles
MADiL charms range from $4-$6
MADiL also offers bundle packages for $23 like I reviewed

While their prices do seem high, You can buy one pair of sandals and a bundle of bands and hate four pairs in one with higher quality and easy availability to change them out with your outfit but not a big stash of sandals taking up space. 

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