Monday, April 21, 2014

Pull-Ups® First Flush Update#3 #CelebrateFirstFlush #MC #Sponsored

I participated in a campaign on behalf of  Mom Central Consulting (#MC) for Pull-Ups. I received product samples to facilitate my review and a promotional item as a thank you for participating.

I announced my Ambassador position with Pull-Ups in February, and did my first update last month on how Macyn was doing so far. Now I'm here to update you again and talk some more about potty training! As a reminder, Macyn will be our third child to potty train, and I've learned pro's and con's from potty training with our first two girls. While Macyn knows when she's going potty in her diaper, she doesn't quite have the whole understanding behind it, so now that she's hit her 2nd birthday, we're giving potty training a shot! 

Honestly, I'd been worrying about this post. Macyn is moving so slow with her potty training and I was starting to think there wouldn't be anything to talk about. As posting grew closer and closer, Macyn surprised me last week (16th) with saying she needed to poop! 

We all know that getting your child to understand when their body is telling them they need to use the bathroom can be such a hard task. Since my update last month I've been working so hard with her to realize the difference between pee and poo, and what was in her diapers and Pull-Ups. 

Most of the time Macyn says the opposite of what's really in her diaper, and other times you ask her and she'll tell you no she didn't poop when you can obviously tell she did. This has been getting better as I've worked with her to let her know what she's doing, and I couldn't believe she finally told me she needed to go potty. 

Macyn willingly sat on the potty for about 10 minutes as she played with toilet paper and kept saying she needed to use the bathroom. I kept checking on her but nothing was happening so eventually I told her to get up so we could get ready for bed. Sure enough, a couple minutes after changing her and getting everyone upstairs, she informed her big sister she pooped in her diaper and needed changed. 

While it would've been ideal for her to go in the potty and see what her body can do, the fact that she recognized the feeling and voiced her need to go ON the potty is a huge step for her. It's the first real step she's taken in a while when it comes to getting closer to being a potty trained child and I'm anxious to see how it all goes in the coming months. 

Since I first started potty training in February, I've learned that she is moving on her own slow pace. While she's interested in how the body works and always wanting to follow me in to the bathroom, she's not as committed to learning as I would like for her to be. I can tell when she wears Pull-Ups that they make her feel proud, but now that its getting warmer and she doesn't need to always wear warm clothes in the home, she'll get much better in this warmer weather. 

After having one difficult potty trainer and one easy potty trainer, I am glad that she is in-between her two sisters when it comes to potty training. She's willing to work with me and try to go which is ultimately the first step. I can't wait until the day that she uses the potty for the first time and she gets to the end result of using her own potty and what her body is made to do. 

Ultimately I see her potty trained by the end of Summer. While this sounds so far away, I'm not willing to push her or force her to something she's not 100% ready to do because that will only discourage us both and make her want to use diapers longer. She's such a bright little girl, and I know she'll get the hang of it when the time is right for her

You can access some great tools from the Pull-Ups website such as a progress chart, and fun ways to celebrate the First Flush! They're also available on Facebook and Twitter to help you along the way and encourage you during this time of transition. You can also access the Big Kid App that helps transition to night time and can be a part of your night time routine with fun games. 


Diana Chastain said...

Yay for Macyn! Don't worry she'll get it. My best advice is not push and it will just happen. :)