Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Zoey's Attic: Mommy Established Tshirt Review

Thank you The Pecking Order for the throw pillow to help with this review
Zoey’s Attic officially launched in November 2006 by creator and owner Erin Delanty.  The inspiration for the website came shortly after the birth of their first child. Once they decided to grow their family it was a no brainer to have the store where families could come and get personalized items for children of any age! 

We have many items from The Pecking Order and Zoey's Personalized Gifts. Since 2012 with sibling shirts when we welcomed our third daughter, our collection of items has grown so much. Erin's work is top notch in my opinion, and her items have become a part of many celebrations in our home over the last two years that I've reviewed and purchased with her and her company. 

From birth pillows, Wubbanubs, pregnancy shirt, and birthday shirts, I feel like I've explored just about every section Erin has to offer when it comes to different varieties. As you can see above, those are just a couple stock photos of the items we have, and I soon plan to purchase for Easter and a May birthday. 

Just in time for Mother's day next month, I'm here to tell you about my latest review with Erin for a Mommy Established t-shirt! I don't really have many Mom shirts, and after looking around on their site one day, I thought it would be nice to have a simple comfortable shirt to display my true job in their world of Mommy.

This "Mommy Established" shirt is digitally printed in Erin's basement and is truly a part of the shirt. Unlike iron ons that can crack and peel, Erin's products can be washed time and time again and still look new. This is cotton shirt that comes in sizes S-2XL as well as the option of four different shirt colors and long sleeve or short sleeve. You can also change "Mommy" to anything you'd like since every family is different, and the year is custom along with the coloring of your design. 

I really like the fit of this shirt. Because I'm a bigger woman, I got the 2XL to ensure a little wiggle room after its washed, and it fits me so well. It's light weight and breathable, but also loose in all the right places so you can move around freely while chasing the kiddos or out running errands. 

This shirt retails for $20, and is a great price since no two shirts are made alike. Since you can customize the name, date, and colors, you'll have a one of a kind shirt to show off proudly that you are indeed a Mother and darn proud of it! 

Along with the examples of items we own from Zoey's Attic, my next purchase will be Easter! Sweet Mya will be celebrating her first Easter and I can't wait to get a bib to showcase this special holiday. 

I love The Pecking Order/Zoey's Attic and the work Erin does for her customers. This company will always have my support, and we're lifelong customers, as well as blog supporters! 

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