Friday, May 16, 2014

Getting Nailed! Week 4

Welcome to Week 4 of Getting Nailed! I did an intro post where I explained my goal in posting these every other week and how you can submit your photo to be featured. Check out the post if you need to refresh your memory. I'll be sharing photos of my own nails as I get them done every two weeks, photos of neat ideas I've found online, and the occasional viewer submission when they come in.

Every time I get acrylic nails I get the white tips and leave a clear coat that first time. To me, there's nothing better than the look of brand new nails and a French Manicure. When I got married in 2008 my nails were naturally long enough to achieve this look with just painting the tips, but I can't get my nails to grow now a days. The above photo is from May 10 when I got my set off due to out growth and a new set put on. 

French Manicures go with everything and they're so elegant looking. I do normally use paint from every fill on until the next set but something about the first look is a must for me before my nails grow and the white tips are offset to this look and it can no longer be achieved.