Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Pajama Gram: SuperMom Hoodie-Footie Review

Thanks to PajamaGram for the item to write this review
Sending a PajamaGram gift is like sending a mini-vacation. They'll receive the softest, most luxurious pajamas from our great assortment of over 100 styles for women (sizes XS-3X), men (sizes M-XXL), infants and toddlers (sizes 0-3 months - 5T), and boys and girls (sizes 6-14). And every PajamaGram gift comes in its own keepsake packaging, so it's a fun gift and you don't have to wrap a thing. 

As moms we always put ourselves last. Our children and significant other always get rank and sometimes we need to remember that we're amazing powerful women and we truly are "Super Mom". I was excited to get the chance to review with Pajama Gram and loved the idea of the adorable "SuperMom Hoodie-Footie" available on their website. 

I live in Indiana and we've had quite an interesting time with our weather. Not only do I love the idea behind these pajamas, but with constant weather changes it sounded like a fun option for the cooler nights. I was a little worried I might get hot in a head to toe pajama option, but being that they're made from 95% cotton, they're breathable and light weight. 

Every item from their website comes in a nice keepsake blue fabric bag that can be customized with the person's name intended to receive the gift and a card that they print for you with a special message of your choosing. I think this adds a special touch when opening your package and seeing that much more care put in to the item you're receiving. 

Based off the size chart on the Pajama Grams website I chose to go with a 1x. I'm actually a 18/20 but with looking at their other measurements that go with each size, I knew that this was a comfortable size for me because I'd rather something be a little big vs too small. Things can always shrink a little when washed so I was confident in their size chart and I would say based off this Hoodie-Footie that the size chart is true to size in my experience. 

A nice feature they offer is removable feet. Not only do they have grips on the bottom to help with slippery situations like bare floors, but since you're able to unzip the feet you can quickly remove them without needing to take off the whole set. I've used this option when stepping in messes on the kitchen floor after the kids have ate and I was able to still keep the pajamas on and be comfortable. 

As you can also see from the above photo, these pajamas offer thumb holes in the sleeves. I've never had a shirt with this feature but I really like it and use it almost constantly when wearing my pajamas. It keeps the sleeves down and covers my hands which keeps them warm as well. Since my hands and feet are normally the coldest parts of my body, this is just a fun little extra offered that's appreciated on my part. I'm still able to use the arms normally and you can't see the hole that much when wearing the sleeves regularly, and I'm able to easily pull the sleeves up to my elbows if I need to wash my hands or do something that would otherwise get the sleeves wet/dirty. 

Yet another feature I can appreciate with the Hoodie-Footie is the pockets! I don't know of any one pieces where they offer front pockets and its a MUST in my opinion. It's a great spot for my hands if they're cold and a nice hiding spot for my phone. Our 2yr old always brings me my phone if I'm doing things around the house so its nice to put in the pocket and know it'll be there if I need it. The pockets are pretty deep and my phone's never fallen out. In the above photo I have my thumbs sticking out, but my whole hands actually fit in the pockets comfortably. I do feel that they're a tad low when walking around and having both hands in, but I'm sure that varies with each person so they're in a decent spot for the differing heights in customers. 

While I almost never use the hood on this pajama set, its a cute idea. I don't see much of a point to the hood but I like that for an additional $12.99 you can get it personalized. There's also draw strings to make sure the hood stays tight if its up and I like the added stars on the strings so it matches the front decal well. 

Having Super Mom so big and bold is a lot of fun. My kids think I'm awesome when I wear these and since my 6yr old can read, I always hear her whispering the words when she sees me. The stars make it fun and overall the size is a good fit for my body length. I like that they split the decal right in half and it meshes great together when fully zipped up. The material lays flat over the zipper and you can clearly read/see it from across the room. 

Pajama Gram offers a very wide variety of items to purchase. You can get sets for the whole family (including animals), tanks and short sets, PajamaJeans, and Hoodie-Footies. They offer night gowns and maternity wear, all in several size options. The Hoodie-Footie I reviewed retails for $69.99 and everything has different prices. You can however buy in packs to get a discount, and each time you click on something to view it gives you options to add on other pieces for a big savings. 

All items are customized to the person they're intended for and Pajama Gram is great for any holiday or a nice way to show someone you care. Their products are high quality and will stand the test of time with normal wear and tear. I know I have my eye on several items for the future and will be hinting at my husband for the Micro-fleece Peace & Love Hoodie-Footie you see above! 

You can connect with Pajama Gram on their website, as well as Facebook, Twitter, & Pinterest