Thursday, May 22, 2014

Uncommon Goods: Working Man's Hygiene Kit Review

Thanks to Uncommon Goods for the kit to write this review

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My husband has been a Tow Truck Operator for eight years now. While it started as a job opportunity with his Uncle, it turned in to a passion and a life career choice for him. While he loves his job, his body suffers a lot because of the different conditions. During the Summer its hot and you deal with possible sun burns and heat exhaustion, and then in the Winter you deal with wet heavy snow and below freezing weather. Seeing the way his body reacts can be tough, so I was excited to find a "Working Man's Hygiene Kit" with some great items that could come in handy to help his ever changing body and healing. 

The Walnut Scrub is my husband's favorite product out of this whole kit. Since he is a tow truck driver, he gets greasy during the day, and he was blown away from the first time he used this product. After adding a little water to the scrub he said he could feel all the day's dirt coming off. After he washed his hands twice (because he was so amazed) his hands looked so much better. He didn't have dark spots anymore that seem to never come fully clean, and his hands felt great afterwards. 

My husband's not a big fan of lotion, but because of this review he's tried the hand lotion. I tried it as well because he was hesitant at first and we both agree that it's exactly what it says. It soaks in well to the skin, doesn't leave a greasy residue, and it doesn't take much to apply to a nice sized area. I used this lotion on my feet and could tell a difference within a couple minutes. They felt a lot better over all and the skin didn't feel so tight and dry like it normally does. 

I was a little unsure of that fact that this soap is round versus the normal shapes of soap, but my husband couldn't stop talking about it after his first shower using it. It loves how it smells, said he could feel the dirt coming off his arms from normal work activities, and felt so clean afterwards. They suggest you get a wooden soap dish for these bars and we can see why. The next time he took a shower the soap almost didn't come off where it was sitting. It shrinks quickly because of water running around it, and when we get more soap we will include a dish to house it so it stays dry in-between uses. 

While we haven't tried the knuckle wax yet because he has no current injuries, he mentioned it'll be nice to have when the time comes. Every now and then when he's under a truck pulling parts to safely tow the vehicle, he'll knock his fingers and hands resulting in cuts. He doesn't really treat them but has mentioned wax before so now when the time comes, he'll surely be using it. 

I use the lip balm and love it. We've been together 10 years and he's never used anything on his lips so I knew this would be mine. The first time I put it on the peppermint was so strong I felt like my lips were buring, but after a couple minutes they felt fine and I went about my day. I notice when I use the balm that my lips don't seem as dry or cracked with occasional pieces of loose skin. I always bite on my lips out of habit so the balm helps a lot with them to stay healthy while I try not to be so rough on them. 

Last but not least is the great Foot Relief ointment. My husband wears steel toe water proof boots for 10+ hours a day and he always complains of his feet. They either hurt, or they're red and itchy, and they're sensitive from slight frost bite many times from cold winters. After he took his first shower using the products he sat in bed and put the Foot Relief on. After a couple minutes he said his felt like they could breathe and said he liked how it wasn't greasy. While he washes his hands after applying, he also remarked that walking on our bathroom floor wasn't difficult like he thought. Have you ever put lotion on your feet and then walked on the bathroom or kitchen floor and almost fall?! He had full control walking and didn't feel the slipping and sliding one might from lotion. 

After a couple days of use he noted the couple rough spots in his feet were gone and that they had been feeling a lot better when it comes to moisturized and overall feel. While its impossible for him to "apply three times daily to clean and dry feet" he uses it at night and it works great.  

This is yet another great product from Uncommon Goods. They carry great gifts for men, and great ideas for Father's Day. If you have a hard working man in your life like I do where getting dirty if part of the job, then I highly suggest trying out these products for that special guy in your life!

This Hygiene Kit retails for $50 on the Uncommon Goods website. 
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Kasee said...

My husband was a tow truck driver for YEARS before starting his own repossession company, so I know the grime you described VERY well. I love Uncommon Goods and will definitely order this kit for Father's Day!