Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Mya Update: 6 Months Old

Photo taken mid April

While you've seen Mya in review photos, my last official update was when she turned 3 months old. Now that she turned 6 months yesterday, that means another update! I feel like time has really flown by and its hard to believe she's already half a year old! 

In these last 3 months Mya has learned to roll over both ways, learned to say Da-Da, and FINALLY sleeps in a spot other than her swing (which she broke from being in it all the time). It was hard to get her on a good schedule with McKenzie going to Pre-K, but now that Summer is here, we quickly got her used to sleeping in our co-sleeper and she naps for a couple hours and then sleeps about 10 hours each night. 

She really loves baby oatmeal and while we've tried different baby foods, she isn't too fond of them, so while I'd prefer her eat something other than oatmeal, I'm following her lead and just seeing where she wants to go. She is interested in table foods but gags on them so I feel in a month or so she'll be more ready and we'll explore table food more.

She had her 6 month check up today and weighs 15.8lbs and 26 inches long! 

Raising 4 children has its challenges, but I feel like the hardest time has between Macyn and Mya. She suffers from "middle child syndrome" because our older two could practically be twins since they're so close in age, and then Mya takes up so much time. Macyn has decided the best way to get attention is to be bad. She hits Mya, picks on her, takes things from her, and flat out makes her cry. While its very challenging, she does have her amazing moments of love and I know that her acting out is just a way to be noticed. This has been a long battle with us and we have our good and bad days, but I'm hoping it gets a lot better as Mya becomes more mobile and can communicate more.


Jackie said...

She is adorable! You have a beautiful family.

Zoey said...

Thank you for the update! The girls are all as cute as can be! Love the family photo too! :)

JD Collins said...

awww... my little guy will be 6 months in a few weeks... He's my one and only for now. You are a rock star for managing four!