Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Rejuvenator Microbubble Shower-head Review

Thank you Rejuvenator for the shower head to help with this review

I was pretty darn excited when this review email came in. We've lived in our house for just over three years now, and ever since we built it I've wanted to change the shower head in our master bath. We've looked several times and stores for shower heads, but it's all overwhelming. There's so many to choose from, so many different options each one can do, and then the sticker price played a big factor in trying to figure out which option was best. This shower head is something similar to what I've been wanting, so it was a perfect review opportunity and I'm excited to tell you all about the Rejuvenator Microbubble Shower head. 

First off, I really like that there isn't many parts to this piece. The directions were really simple and included photos along the way. I'm a visual person and my husband is fine with just the words, so its nice to have both options as we worked together to get this shower head installed. Besides the tool needed to tighten everything, they've included all items needed to change your shower head, including the sticky tape to help seal the threading so no water leaks out. 

I timed how long it took my husband to completely change out to this new system and it was 11 minutes. Since you're able to use both shower heads, you simply take off your current piece, attach the connector, and then attach the hose and Rejuventor head to one end and your old shower head to the other end. There's a movable piece on the outside of the big connector that enables you to move in-between three different modes. Since this is a review, I like using only the Rejuvenator Shower head, and my husband prefers to use both together. Switching back and forth through the different modes is very easy and allows for each person to adjust to their preference. The connector also moves up and down which means you can adjust the height of the head. When my  husband first put it all together it would shoot toward the back of the shower, but it only took a couple seconds to adjust it to my height and I went about my way. 

With the use of Microbubble Technology™ the Rejuvenator shower head provides a deep cleaning of the skin even without the use of soap. Microbubbles have been known to accelerate the healing of numerous skin afflictions, including dry skin, oily skin, even eczema. As well as skin improvement, Microbubbles have also been believed to increase hair texture and volume as well as promote new hair growth. Another reason is that the Microbubbles carry oxygen and a high concentration of negative ions. These negative ions actually provide a natural spring like effect, which cleans the air, elevates endorphin levels, and actually prompts fatigue recovery. If that weren’t enough the Rejuvenator also uses less water then traditional shower heads.

I've always suffered from flaky, but oily skin on my face. I burn easily in the sun, and am covered in freckles. I liked the thought of Microbubbles helping my skin and possibly helping my lifelong battle with my face. After my first use with this shower head, I did notice my whole body seemed refreshed. The skin on my face didn't have such a tight feeling like it normally does after washing, and I felt really good about how my skin felt. I always brush my long hair right before I get in the shower, and its still a pain to brush right after, but after using this shower head it seems as though it doesn't take nearly as long to get a brush through my hair. 

My husband hasn't noticed much difference on his skin, and while it could be in my head, I do think I can see a difference with my own body. Taking a shower is the only time I can get some time to myself since I'm a stay at home mother, and why not use a product that can help me and the biggest organ on my body?!

I really like this shower head and plan on continuing to use it for the long term! 
This shower head retails for $109 but there's currently a discount on their website for $99 and an even better deal if you're an Amazon Prime member because it shows me a discount of just $57. 

I highly recommend checking out either site for more information and purchasing one for yourself. We're so hard on our bodies and the skin is so important... why not take care of it?

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